Using Vases as Necklace Displays

by Debbie Dougherty.
(Earthly Expressions)

I realized recently that I wanted to have more jewelry heads in my display to highlight each piece.

But I was concerned with the cost, as well as dealing the wind issue (a constant problem doing shows at the beach).

So I took some large vases that had a similar neckline shape and spray painted them.

I experimented with different paints to get the effect I was looking for, and for what would make my silver necklaces relay stand out.

I ended up spraying the vases with a faux stone paint first to add texture. Then I added a satin black on top knowing how well silver would “pop” against the black.

I filled the vases with shells and rocks for weight (no more wind issues).

I love the way they look and I only paid $8 for all six at the Goodwill Store!

Debbie Dougherty


Necklace Display Vases
by: Rena

Debbie, these vases make such an elegant and artistic statement in your booth! The stark black against your filmy white cloth is very striking, and the varying sizes and shapes of the vases add visual interest.

Your necklaces stand out stunningly against the vases – it really draws the eye directly to your jewelry. A beautiful effect.

Thanks so much for sharing this fantastic necklace display idea with us!

Ditto on the Vase Idea
by: Dawn Kruchoski

I hope you do not mind me stealing this awesome idea! I do have some outdoor places in the summer where the wind does play a factor so these would be a great fix to that and they make your necklaces just “pop”. Thanks so much for this brilliant idea – I’m off to GoodWill!
– Dawnmarie

Simply Elegant
by: Marcia

This is so practical and economical, while still looking high end. I love this idea. You can even hang matching earrings on the vase too, I would love to see a pic with the earrings. If you have one could you post it.
by: Pauline

I love it! The jewelery looks fabulous against the black.

by: Regina

This is one of the best necklace displays ever! Thank you for sharing.

Can It Get Much Better?
by: Anonymous

This display idea is absolutely over the top. Just starting out with overhead I am finding the prices of display items overtaxing me. And then you come along with this fantastic idea. These look wonderful. No one would ever imagine you were going on the cheap. In my eyes they’re even better than the regular necklace displays. Thank you so much I will definitely do this one!!

by: Felicia

Thank you for sharing this. Your jewelry is very beautiful and the way you have them displayed is so pretty.I am always looking for ways to display my jewelry for photo’s. I am new at this and trying to learn as much as I can. I am always walking in my yard or where ever for good photo’s. It is a lot of fun. I have hung my jewelry on every thing, but now I’m searching my home for vases. Thanks

by: Myrtle Williams

I am so speechless, and thrilled all at the same time. Everything is in order, word for word, and very understandable. I fill like Ive gain so much , just by reading your info. Im telling you this is great. And the jewelry Idea s is out of this world , I love it. Thank you so much.

Vases for Display
by: Marsha

What a fantastic idea, I have been searching for something different and inexpensive to display necklaces for a bridal fair that I am doing in 2012. This is absolutely what I want to use. If I can find suitable shapes.
Thank you Debbie for your great idea.

by: Yolanda Allen

Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea. I am now on the hunt for inexpensive vases.

by: Jeanne

It’s a great idea that I have been mulling over… have even bought some vases and tried at one show; hadn’t thought of painting though – great choice with the black for your silver!How do you handle the possibility of breakage? One broke when a customer got bummped by another on my very first use – what a mess to clean up, find all the pieces and make sure no one was barefoot. So I haven’t tried again, yet. Any thoughts?

On breakage of Vase
by: Bonnie Fiirestone

I wonder if you could find stores selling hobby supplies that have some plastic vases.They can be loaded with sand if needed.

Good Thinking
by: Jeanns

Duhhhh! I should have thought of that! Brain’s on the fritz. Thanks for the idea. I’m going to check into that today.

by: Anonymous

I love the idea of plastic! Do you think you can paint plastic as well? My husband says NO.

Painting plastic vases for necklace displays
by: Rena

Yes, you can paint plastic. (I’ll let you decide whether to tell your hubby!)

Krylon has a spray paint called Fusion for Plastic. In addition to regular paint colors, they even have textured and metallic finishes. (I have no connection with Krylon – just did a bit of research and found it.)

Also, my Mom suggested using the paint that’s made for PVC pipes.

And, in case anyone’s thinking about filling your vases with sand to make them more stable – you might want to put the sand in a ziplock bag, and just put the sand-filled baggie in your vase. That way you’ll hopefully avoid a potentially messy sand spill! 🙂

Good idea!
by: Debbie

I like the idea of putting what is used to weigh down the vases (sand, pebbles, etc.) in baggies to keep them from making a mess in case they fall and break. I have been fortunate that I have not had any break on me. When I pack them up I usually put my curtains between them so they do not hit against each other. So far so good. Thanks to everyone for all the great comments and support!

Awesome Suggestions
by: Jeanne

Thanks for your added comments! I think I’ll just go ahead do the painting and he can discover it after that fact.
Anybody know of a substance – paint, liquid rubber(?), etc. that could be used on my glass vases to help protect them from breaking so I could still use them?

More ideas for preventing shattered glass
by: Rena

Jeanne, you may want to check into these products:

Plasti Dip


Also, investigate “window coating”.

And I came across the interesting suggestion of wrapping the glass item in duct tape, and then texturing / painting over the duct tape! This may be the easiest and most accessible solution!

(And your husband probably has some duct tape you can pilfer!) 🙂

My Mom just remembered seeing a craft that involved covering a glass jar with strips of masking tape (in a papier-mache type of pattern), and then rubbing shoe polish over the tape to color it.

Here’s an example of that – Llyzabeth’s Masking Tape Collage Bottles.

Whatever you decide to use, you could probably experiment on an empty salsa or jelly jar to perfect your technique and test your results, before applying it on your vases!

by: Jeanne

Thanks Rena for the great ideas. I can’t wait to give them a try!

by: Karen G

I’m getting such great ideas from everyone. I love this idea and can’t wait to try it!

Necklace sliding off
by: Sheri

What do you tie the back of your necklaces off with to keep them from sliding off if they are to long?

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