Using Many Tips to Build the Booth of My Dreams

by Ann Nolen.
(Santa Rosa, CA)

Ann Nolen's Animal Coin Jewelry Booth

My booth has been evolving for a long time now, and thanks to many of the tips I have learned on Rena’s website and newsletter, I have not had to learn the hard way or waste a lot of money on things that didn’t work well.

My jewelry is made from world coins that I have carefully hand-painted and then covered with a thick clear coat to give the look of glass or enamelling:

Streamertail hummingbird Jamaican coin, hand painted and made into a pendant by Ann Nolen.

Each colorful coin is made into a pendant, and so it works well to put them on a 2×3 inch card designed on business card stock on VistaPrint.

Business cards are 1/2 inch longer, so I cut them off with a paper cutter and they fit perfectly in the tray dividers.

I started by copying Rena’s idea of using stacking jewelry trays and then using a folding plastic type easel to raise them on the back edge.

With customers often looking for their favorite animal, country, or color scheme, the simple layout works well for shopping.

My jewelry displays best with the trays in the “portrait” position, so I adjusted Rena’s instructions for that change.

I was fortunate that the stacking trays I purchased have a furrow around the back edge, and so the easel fits tightly in the crack and makes assembly very easy.

Of course, the best part is stacking the trays in a rolling case to transport them, which makes the set up and breakdown super fast.

Along the way I read the suggestion of using large photos in the booth to draw customers attention.

When they can see the jewelry from across the room, it does make it much easier to get an interested customer in your booth!

I took the photos myself, and then used them to make posters on

The posters came out great, but were a little larger than the 11×14 size I wanted.

I just allowed a larger border when I designed the posters online, and cut them down to size before I put them in the frames.

After much research, I bought 11×14 frames at Tap Plastics.

The acrylic frames basically are a clear front and back, so there is nothing to distract from the photos.

I wanted to hang them by large S hooks, so the friendly people at tap plastics recommended the type of drill bit to use, and I was able to drill 2 holes at the top of each frame.

I found nice looking large S hooks at my local wild bird store, they use them for hanging large bird feeders.

Then I hung them on a nice folding wood screen I already had.

The screen had a wood tension rod at the top and bottom to put the fabric inserts in.

I use the fabric inserts if there is something distracting behind me (like another booth), or leave them out if the background is clean or it allows more light in my booth.

The final touch was the great folding tables I use.

They are made by Lifetime tables and are 2 ft by 4 feet, and adjust to several heights including 36 inches, which is counter height.

The tables fold in half and have a carrying handle, so storage and moving them is very convenient.

They are heavier than the aluminum tables many artists use, but I feel the perfect size and adjustable height make them my best choice.

My customers don’t have to bend over to see things, and very young children can not reach my jewelry, both things that I knew I wanted to accomplish from the tips I have read.

I can use the several tables I have to adjust the layout to whatever the booth needs at each show, and some nice tablecloths that drape to the ground make them look very professional.

I often get compliments from other vendors at shows on how clean and professional my booth looks.

Even more, they are amazed at how fast I can get my booth set up, and then torn down at the end of the show.

Information on Ann Nolen's turtle coin pendants.

With the help of the many tips available from Rena’s website, I have been able to build a booth I am proud of.

I hope sharing what worked well for me might inspire the readers to try some of these ideas as well.


Ann Nolen


So professional!
by: Rena

Ann, your booth looks so professional and appealing.

The posters above your trays are wonderful – I’m sure they pull people in from across the room to see what you’ve got!

Using the trays to organize your pieces by animal, color, country, etc. is a great way to help people find exactly what they like (or want to buy as a gift) – and I’ve found that it also often leads people to purchase multiple items.

Thank you so much for sharing how your displays were inspired by tips from other jewelry artists, and then customized to suit your own unique jewelry business.

I love seeing the results – and how well it’s all working for you!

by: Jean

I love the poster idea also and am considering it.
You mentioned vista print- How much does a poster cost from them?

additional info
by: Ann Nolen

Thanks Rena, I am so honored to be part of your website.

Jean, you can check out pricing for Vista Print at their website. It is One word of caution, when you check out, carefully check the “free offers” to be sure you haven’t signed up for something extra by mistake. Otherwise, I find Vista Print to be great prices and quality for a very small business like mine.


Nice display!
by: LW

I. too, use the Lifetime tables that fold in half and have adjustable heights. They’re perfect for my booth. I would also recommend them.

wood frames
by: Anonymous

How are the wood frames that hold the posters attached to the back of the table?

Printing Posters
by: Millie \o/

I havent’ had a poster printed for about 6 months; I get mine printed for 8 dollars at Staples (check the coupons). If you are handy with computer photo software you can really come up with some cool stuff!!

Overstocked with Rocks

Thank You!
by: viv

I am working on a booth display as we speak and it will be so much easier with your suggestions! Thank you for posting this–so have saved me alot of valuable time (that I could be spending designing jewelry!) Viv

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