Using Buttons for Earring Packaging

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Using Buttons for Earring Packaging Tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Buttons can be a fun item for earring packaging.

They can serve as a sort of “earring card” if you put the earwires or posts through the button’s holes.

buttons for jewelry packaging

I raided my Mom’s button stash for the photos in this post!

Using buttons this way can also keep a pair of earrings nicely rounded up during travel or shipping (earrings love to move around inside their gift boxes whenever they have the chance!).

Buttons for organizing earrings

You can use 2-hole or 4-hole buttons. If you’ll be hanging earwires (instead of straight posts) in the button holes, make sure the holes aren’t too far in from the edge of the button or you may have trouble getting the earwire through.

Buttons can add a memorable, handmade touch to your packaging – especially if they’re a good match with the style of jewelry you make.

For example, you might use vintage buttons as packaging for Victorian-style earrings.

And for keeping your own earring pairs together at home, buttons are a great solution!

keep earring pairs together

(Note:  The only earrings made by me in this post are the pair on the bright red button.  All other earrings pictured above I’ve purchased from other artists over the years – and I wear them all the time!)

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