Use What You Have – Earring Display

by Maryanne Murphy.
(Atlanta, Ga)

Use What You Have Earring Display

I don’t do many events so for the few I do, I do not want to invest a lot of time and money. BUT, I still want a display to attractively feature my work.

More time, creativity, and money needs to be spent on your display if your business is based on doing events and shows, but mine is 95% internet based.

I needed an earring display and was about to borrow a staple gun, purchase some screening and rip apart a frame I had. I do like the effect this type of display for earrings creates and have seen it used many times in displays featured on Rena’s sites.

The earring display fit in nicely with the other jewelry displays

Then I thought of the actual time and money in gas this was going to take me. The staple gun & hardware store were 5 miles away. And I would have to purchase the screening. I would need to block at least an hour and a half of time in my already crammed day to accomplish the task. Everything ALWAYS takes a longer amount of time then you think.

So necessity being the mother of invention I did another scan around the house. Sure enough, sitting in the corner of the living room on the floor (because I hadn’t decided where to put it) was the perfect display for my purposes.

Now, this won’t work for those of you who offer a lot of earrings, but it was just the right size and price $0, for me. AND I was able to pre-load the display, price the items, and put it into a plastic garbage bag with another piece for easy transport.

I don’t know what you call these things, but I love mine and paid about $7.00 for it a few years ago. The neutral covered fabric has ribbon strung snugly across it making it easy but secure to slip my french ear-wires into. I was able to write the prices on stickers that actually stuck onto the fabric and didn’t fall off. It also fit very nicely with the other display items I created.

So next time you need something for a display, take a real critical look at what you have already. I’m glad I did!

Maryanne Murphy
A Selective Eye Jewelry at Etsy


Can’t remember the name either however
by: Leigh

what a great use of using what you have. Very creative to find a way to use this item for your needs.

Clever Idea
by: Karen Hornsten

I have a picture board exactly like thenone pictured in the ‘use what you have’ topic. What a marvelous idea and the photo displays this idea perfectly. When I create my Kusudama flowers for bouquets, art balls, or for other uses I have used sheet music, old Readers Digest Condensed book pages, and old calender pages. These make very pretty flowers with buttons and other decor added in the centers. And yes, old buttons work great.

Love it!
by: Anonymous

Love love love this idea!! Simple & elegant and doesn’t overwhelm what you’re trying to showcase. It’s called a French memo board, by the way.

great display
by: Gina

I am so happy to see this idea shown on this website. I also used a board like this when I did a home show last December. I looked around my house to find something to display my earrings on and found the board in my closet – what a great find! I put my earrings on cards and inserted the cards between the ribbon. I am so glad someone else has this idea and your display looks so nice!


Great Idea
by: Amelia

I would have never thought to use the bulletin board with ribbons. Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

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