Unusual Plates

by Baloka by Maria Mizrahi.

(Newton, MA)

Unusual plastic plates in Maria Mizrahi’s jewelry display

Closeup of the dramatically geometric plates

Baloka jewelry display table

I used some unusual shaped plastic plates on my last exhibit at a juried show in Newton MA and got a lot of compliments. I got them at a party supplies store, they are easy to carry, low cost and easy to set up.

Maria Mizrahi



Great idea

by: Kathleen Davis

Your plastic plate idea is very unusual and creative. I think that is a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

Unique Look

by: Sally V

I like how their shapes “fit” together on the table top. It makes for an interesting and unique display. Thanks for the idea!

Plates for displaying jewelry

by: Rena

I love the strikingly geometric look these groovy plates add to your jewelry display. Definitely an unusual and versatile element – great find!

Unusual Plates

by: Tricia – Bead Booty

Those plates are the perfect way to display your necklaces. The shape of the plates compliment the shapes of your pieces very nicely.


by: Maria Mizrahi

Thanks for all the compliments to my display, I’ve used it several times now and it never gets old.

Now I’m planning a unique Installation at the Newton MA Cultural Center with two other artists, and have a question, Where can I find old dress forms or mannequins?

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