Unique Necklace Design

by Jaroslav Kocourek.
(Czech Republic)

Deer necklace in Silver

Deer necklace in Silver

I’m Jaroslav, a designer from Czech Republic and I mostly specialize in Jewelry design. This necklace design that I want to share with you is a very personal piece with a lot work and creative passion put into it.

The original idea was my wife, she provided me with a beautiful sketch of deers standing close to each other and creating abstract heart with their antlers. I loved this idea and decided to develop it more.

This is the result what you see. When you observe more carefully you can notice that there is not just one heart, but many.

Deer necklace in Silver

Deer necklace in Silver

Currently this is our most popular design among people and we are happy, because it is really so far most professional piece created by us. It can make a nice gift for Valentine’s day, but not only.

Thank you!

We hope you will find our work inspiring!

Design Studio Erkrieal


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