Unique Earrings – Ideas for Extraordinary Earring Designs

by Rena Klingenberg.

Unique Earrings - Ideas for Extraordinary Earring Designs, by Rena Klingenberg  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Make unique earrings that stand apart from the crowd by using unusual components, different techniques, hand-wrought touches, or an uncommon approach to design. Try these ideas.

Unusual earwire and metalwork give this earring its unique style

Make Earrings Unique with Asymmetry

A pair doesn’t always have to mean two perfectly identical pieces.

Instead, try experimenting with asymmetry by designing an unmatched pair where each earring differs from the other, but embraces the same theme.

A few examples:

  • one sun earring and one moon earring
  • two completely different designs in red
  • two unique found object collections that are similar in function but different in shape
  • two different art nouveau images; etc.

Make Less Common
Types of Earrings

Sometimes breaking out of the usual “french-hook-pierced-earring” design mode can really spark a new creative path.

Besides, it’s fun to create, wear, and sell things that are different from what you see elsewhere!

Work your artistic magic by designing ear ornamentation in the form of ear cuffs, ear vines, threaders, spiral earrings, earring jackets, and other less common forms of ear ornamentation.

These unique earring styles offer interestingly different design challenges and opportunities.

Make Your Own Earring Findings

Small things can make big a difference in art. Handmade earwires and other earring findings add a distinctly artistic touch to unique earrings.

Ultra-long earwires make a plain earring design extraordinary

Fortunately, earwires are quick to make with small bits of wire (you may even have scrap wire on hand that will work for this purpose) and pliers. If you want to churn them out quickly in a higher volume, you may want to use a pegged jig.

You may also want to add ornamental touches to your handmade earring findings – such as beads, hammering, oxidizing, or extra wirework.

Or make them with multiple loops for hanging dangles.

Also consider creating earwires in unusual shapes or sizes.

Make Unique Earrings with
Unusual Components or Techniques

Think of uncommon elements you can incorporate into your earring designs, such as:

  • small, lightweight found objects
  • ribbon
  • bits of fabric
  • bits of paper, such as postage stamps or images cut from greeting cards
  • hemp
  • rubber cord or tubing
  • game pieces
  • photos and other images
  • buttons
  • small, lightweight containers
  • tiny toys
  • feathers
  • lightweight hardware store items; etc.

Eye-catching style created with unusual ear findings and multiple dangles.

Also consider using unusual techniques to make your earrings unique.

Look at the design and construction methods used in other art and craft forms (such as paper crafting, scrapbooking, fiber art, woodworking, embroidery, etc.), and adapt them to jewelry design.

Design Earrings for Comfort

Here are some general guidelines for earrings that are wearable as well as artistic:

  • See my earring wire guidelines for recommended wire gauges and metals to use in earwires – including recommendations for metal-allergy people.
  • Don’t make heavy earrings. Not only are they uncomfortable, but they can also actually damage the ear tissue. I saw a disturbing documentary on the way heavy earrings can damage or tear through the earlobe – and the surgical repair for that kind of injury looks like something I totally want to avoid!

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