Umbrellas Are Not Just for When it Rains

by Carla Volante.

Hi there. I saw a fab idea for an earring display the other week whilst on a short trip to Bologna in Italy though sadly I have no photo to show you what I mean so hopefully you will get the gist of the idea so as to imagine what it looks like !

I hope I am not repeating an idea already on the site but I don’t believe I am so here goes. Several vendors were utilizing this idea and it seemed so effective. They had taken a self-colored umbrella and opened it out, obviously, and then had removed the handle at the bottom and placed it inside the shaft of a tripod stand ( presumably for a camera ) and then attached earrings all over the open brolly and as it revolves it was an ideal and unusual way of displaying their wares.

Obviously it was ground based so could sit to the side of your main table display and I have to say it did look eye-catching. I hope that in the absence of a photo this still makes sense !! I would imagine that any stand that allows the brolly to be revolved would be suitable and as you can imagine a fair number of earrings can be attached to the brolly at one time.

Hope this is of some interest to some of you.

Carla Volante


Fabulous idea
by: Leigh

This sounds like a great way for a display. Wishing there were picture so I could see if I am envisioning what you are describing.

by: April

This is a great idea. Glad you saw it.

Great idea!
by: Ines

Could you explain how the earrings are attached to the umbrella? Or rather what are they hanging from? Is there some sort of mesh of top of the umbrella? Or do they go through the fabric of the umbrella?


by: Carla Volante

0ops sorry, this message wound up in my trash for some reason and I have only just noticed it !!!! The ear-rings wires were attached directly on to the brolly fabric. To repeat what I have already said, the base used to put the brolly in to was either a tripod stand and we also saw someone use an axle stand. Depending on which you use and indeed the size of either one, you will almost definitely need to take off the very base of the brolly so that it can fit inside. This u7then means when the brolly is open with all the ear-rings attached, it can be spun round so that customers can see them all easily. It was very effective and yes, I could kick myself for not having taken a photo, though I did buy a pair of ear-rings!!!! It genuinely was a captivating method for displaying the ear-rings and I would wager at the very least it would be a talking point for prospective customers

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  • Cristina Repanovici says:

    super great idea!!! thx

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