Trunk Shows

by Anita.
(Hastings, New York USA)

Vintage Pearl Dragonfly Necklace by Anita Foley

Vintage Pearl Dragonfly Necklace by Anita Foley

Has anyone had success with Trunk Shows? If so, how did you approach the shop owner?

Did you offer to pay for the space or give a percentage of sales? Any details regarding logistics, etc would be appreciated.


Anita Foley
Diamond Girl Crafts


Doing Jewelry Trunk Shows in Shops
by: Rena

Hi Anita!

Here’s some basic jewelry trunk show info, followed by links to more articles:

When a shop decides to host a trunk show of you with your work, you’ll usually be doing a one-person show inside their shop.

Usually the trunk show lasts anywhere from a couple of hours to an entire day.

In my experience, you usually get just one table, placed inside the shop near the entrance. (Some shops may have more space for you to use.)

A couple of hours before the trunk show starts, you set up your jewelry display on your table(s).

It’s a good idea to have your literature handy on the table – your business cards, plus any flyers, brochures, artist bio / statement, etc. you may have.

The shop usually takes a percentage of your total sales at the trunk show, as their commission for hosting and promoting the show.

I’ve found that 20 to 25% of your total sales is a typical commission for the shop to take.

However, some shop owners are happy to receive free jewelry or a donation to their favorite cause instead of a commission. You’ll have to discuss with the shop owner how he or she prefers to be compensated.

Of course, just as with any event you do, attracting lots of targeted potential customers is the key to more sales.

To promote your jewelry trunk show that’s held in a shop, ask the shop owner to snail-mail a postcard and/or send an email announcement to their customer list.

They should also give a flyer advertising your trunk show to every customer who comes in the shop up till the day of the event.

Also encourage the shop owner to place an advertisement in the local newspaper or other media.

Email the shop owner some image files of your jewelry to use in their ads and flyers for your trunk show.

And either you or the shop owner should send a press release with photos of your jewelry to the local newspaper. If nothing else, the newspaper will probably at least list your trunk show in their “upcoming things to do” calendar.

Also send a postcards and/or emails to your own customer list too.

During your jewelry trunk show, you represent both the shop and yourself to the public. So be sure to do everything possible to make your trunk show a lovely, profitable event for the shop owner too.

Thanks Rena
by: Anita

Thank you, Rena, for the great info. I am hoping to put all this good advice to work when I get my first trunk show opportunity. Now I have to do some leg work. I’ll let you know what happens.

trunk show
by: pam

Would you please advise me how to go about to do trunk shows I am into sterling silver jewelry with precious and semi precious stones and also 18carat on silver- Would look forward to hear from you Thank you

Order or direct sales?
by: Robin

Thanks Rena, my question is do you show a sample and take orders or only sell what’s there? How do each work out?

Robin – order or direct sales
by: Rena

In my experience, people are most likely to purchase when they’ll receive their item right away. So direct sales would probably be best.

Unless you’re selling custom items, or things that will need to be personalized (for example, with stamped names / initials / phrases, birthstone colors, etc.).

Also there’s the trust factor – if the first time someone sees you is at a temporary table that’s only set up for a few hours, they may not be comfortable with paying you for an item they won’t receive right away.

So except for customized / personalized sales, I would aim for selling items directly off your table at a trunk show.

Trunk Show/direct sales
by: Robin

Thanks Rena, makes sense. Also, would the store ring up my sales (I currently have my pieces for sale in the store on consignment) at the trunk show and would 25% be a reasonable cut?

Store’s Percentage
by: Robin

Thanks Rena, makes sense. Also, would the store ring up my sales (I currently have my pieces for sale in the store on consignment) at the trunk show and would 25% be a reasonable cut for them?
Trunk/Jewelry show percentage?

by: Lisa

I’ve been contacted by a boutique in a town an hour away from home. They’ve seen my work on facebook and really like it and want to become a wholesale customer. They want me to do a jewelry show in the boutique about a month after the first of my pieces will be sold in their store.
They want to keep 50% of my sales at the jewelry show which I will be personally spending my time to do. Doesn’t that seem high or is that inline since they will be a wholesale customer?
Thanks for your help,

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