Tri-fold Screen Jewelry Display

by Sally V.
(Wamego, KS)

Tri-fold screen display

I purchased this screen at Hobby Lobby (with a coupon to save $$!).

I made earring display cards with scrapbooking paper (purchased in multi-colored strips pre-cut the width of the card, also from Hobby Lobby), and I have added colorful detail to many of them with peel & stick scrapbooking papers.

I fold the cards at the top and slip them behind the slats on the screen. Clip-on lights further brighten up the display.

I use the scrapbooking strips to hang necklaces and pins as well.

I have received many positive comments on my display.

The screen itself is very light and easy to transport.

Sally V.


Love, Love, LOVE This Idea!
by: Rena

What a wonderful and lovely way to display your jewelry at a higher level, so people don’t have to bend over to see it!

Plus you can show a ton of pieces in a small footprint of floor space.

I just love everything you’ve done with this display – from your colorful custom cards / tags, to the groovy screen itself.

It’s easy to see why you get such great feedback on it from your customers.

(As a side note for anyone who may not know, you can usually find good coupons on Hobby Lobby’s website, and print them out before you shop there! Their coupons often make some of their furnishings like this screen quite affordable.)

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful jewelry display idea, Sally.

A tiny bit distracting?
by: Esprit Mystique

I think the folding screen concept is very creative. The goal for a good display is to drive the customer’s focus to the individual pieces of jewelry.

If I were to buy a folding screen (great idea!) I would paint it an overall ivory or black color so that the contrasting dark wood sections don’t distract from the jewelery itself.

Using a consistent colored tag for each piece of jewelry could also add to the attractiveness of the display.

Just a thought.

Esprit Mystique

Great Job
by: Simply Sparkle

Great way to get some height for display. Thanks for sharing.

I Love the Display
by: Janet

I love the display. It would be great to add a mirror somewhere on it.

Thanksa for comments
by: Sally V.

Thanks for your comments! I love this site! I’m just getting started with making jewelry as a serious business and I am learning so much.

What about using all the same color tags? My business name is “Bright Ideas” so my plan has been to incorporate a lot of bright colors (and black) in my booth. I do feel the colors catch people’s eye, but perhaps deter actual sales. Once again, I appreciate any feedback and thanks so much for sharing such wonderful, helpful information.

Great idea
by: phyl

Bright colors are a great idea, Sally. Here’s a thought, pick your colors from the color wheel so that they are in harmony with each other, maybe choosing 3 max. I agree with you about too many colors, especially bright ones, can be a distraction. But I think with a little planning, you can harmonize your display.
Just had another idea…use one bright color at a time, with plenty of bright lightening to illuminate your designs.
Hope this helps…good luck

by: Debbie

I love your idea and I do agree with the comments about too many colors being distracting. I do have a question, though – how stable is this? I would be afraid that it would get knocked over by someone trying to take the earrings off to get a better look at them, or too many people at once looking and touching.


Re: Stability
by: Sally V.

Good question — I should have mentioned this. My husband has made supports of wrought iron that slip onto the bottom of the screen and support it. When we set it up outside, we have also used tent stakes to support it.

Love the idea
by: Monkey Princess Designs

And I love the screen you chose. I would stick to just one or two bright colors, you want your beautiful jewelry to stand out. Great idea for shows when you want to put things at customer eye level!

Black Screen
by: Lolly

HL has this screen in black also. I have my 40% off coupon and plan to buy it. Thanks so much for telling us about it.

Just one question: I know the screen background is covered in a “rice paper” that is easily damaged. Have you had any problem with someone poking a hole in it while trying to remove earrings?

Screen backing
by: Anonymous

While it looks like rice paper, it is actually thicker than that. I have had to be careful sliding my earring cards behind the wood slats, though, as I have “caught” the corners a few times in the backing. I guess one solution would be to round the corners — thanks for helping me think of that!

I try to catch customers before they re-insert them and tell them I’d be happy to replace them on the screen for them.

Also, we wrap the screen in a furniture blanket when we transport it to reduce potential for tearing.

Tri-Fold Screen
by: ReyerWare

Sally V.

Good to see another person from Wamego. I also am from Wamego (just five miles west). We need to get together sometime. You can find me at my website

Love your idea.

How did you do that?
by: Sheila


I’ve got something similar I hang my earrings on…a bifold door, we use note cards cut in half for the earrings….how did you hang the necklaces???


Hanging necklaces
by: Anonymous

I use a long narrow strip of card stock, fold it in half, slip the necklace in the fold, then fold it again about half-way up and slide the “open” ends behind the slat on the screen to hold it. Hope that makes sense 🙂

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