Toot Your Flute

by Kathy McChesney.

I was commissioned to turn this flute into a necklace by a wonderful percussionist.I used the colors that were on her blouse she was wearing.I emailed her a picture of the flute once it was done to see if she was satisfied,I used a vase from a a garage sale as a display.

She loves her new Guatemalan necklace.

Kathy McChesney
Dream Beadery at Etsy


Flute necklace
by: Nance

Love it! The colors, design and display are beautiful.

toot my flute
by: Kathy

Thank you Nance and she really likes her new necklace. I love beading in that way.

Flute necklace display
by: Rena

Kathy, I love this necklace – and it’s so cool that the pendant is also a flute!

The pot is a perfect display for it. Did your customer want the pot too, once she saw the necklace displayed on it in the photo? The necklace and pot together would make a lovely decor item (when she’s not wearing the necklace).

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