How to Tone Down Red Brass Chain?

by Amanda Thompson.
(Salt Lake City, Utah)

How to Tone Down Red Brass Chain?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I am a in the early stages of creating a jewelry business and finding that I have a lot to learn, which is great.

I’ve done beading and fimo clay projects as a hobby for many years and am branching into some work with metal.

I purchased brass chain online from two different sources and it didn’t look red in the photos, although it really looks red in person.

I have other brass components in varying shades of oxidation, but all on the gold side.

I was planning to use the chain with these components and I don’t think they look very good together.

I purchased some liver of sulfur and black patina to use with some etched pieces I have created.

Could I use the liver of sulfur on the chain? Is there another way to tone down the red?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Amanda Thompson
One Kindred Tribe

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