To Price or Not to Price…?

by Rosanna Ferrazzi.
(United Kingdom)

question-mark-originalThis might sound a bit nuts, but I have never put prices on my jewellery.

I sell a lot of eclectically chosen pieces. Some I have made and some not, some vintage, secondhand, etc. A mixed bag and I have found that people always manage to find something in their price range that they are happy with.

I found that the hanging tags always get tangled up and stickers fall off. Because I have such a mix of stuff, I don’t have a consistent pricing structure.

I do a lot of market stalls, flea markets, etc. so I’ve built a lot of flexibility into my pricing.

Do I need to be more consistent and will people be more willing to buy if they know the prices up front?

Thanks in advance for any responses.

Rosanna Ferrazzi

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