Jewelry Making Tips I Wish I’d Known

by Autumn.
(United States)

Jewelry Making Tips I Wish I'd Known -  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

I was making a list for supplies shopping, and realized something: I should have saved those cards the silk thread comes on.

I normally wrap it around my fingers and store it in a box, but it took me…erm, several months to figure out the solution.

Here are some tips I wish I’d known when I first started making jewelry:

  1. Save the cards your silk/nylon thread comes on–and store the left-overs on them.
  2. Keep your metal scraps in a bucket/jar somewhere. After you’ve used all the pieces you can, recycle the rest. You may get a few pennies, but your studio and the environment thanks you.
  3. Resell materials? Look into tax-exempt.
  4. Shop online and in store for better prices. Coupons, sales, wholesales and promotions are your best friend!

Jewelry Making Tips I Wish I'd Known

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