Tip: Round Nose Pliers to Prevent Kinking Wire

by Mary Wong.
(San Gabriel, CA)

Mary Wong - Tip  to Prevent Kinking Wire  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Round Nose Plier Snug in a Mini Vise

While I was weaving with wire on my crocheted cuff pieces, I found the wire had a tendency to kink just as I tightened a loop, especially just at the very end.

So, I figured that using one of the tapered jaws of the round nose pliers would help keep the wire rounded as I pulled on it.

I would slowly move the loop up the tapered jaw as I tightened. It worked as I had hoped!

However, I was trying to juggle holding the pliers and working the wire at the same time which was rather trying. So, I put the pliers in a mini vise which made it so much easier to manage.

Mary Wong

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