Tibet Meets Downton Abbey

by Karin MacDonald.
(Dayton, Ohio USA)

When I found these gorgeous Tibetan Agate beads at a Gem show recently, I knew I had to have them.

KMacDonald: Tibet Meets Downton Abbey 1

The woodsy colors reminded me of a walk in the woods in my native Germany. As is usually the case, I had no idea what I would use them for, but when I was watching Downton Abbey and admiring the beautiful long necklaces, I knew exactly what to do.

KMacDonald: Tibet Meets Downton Abbey 2

I love chain maille, but not the heavy weight, especially on a long necklace. So I decided to create the various sections of chain from 20 gauge wire and smaller jump rings.

To give the piece more interest I used a byzantine and a 2 in 2 pattern. The slightly asymmetric composition allows the wearer to chose which way they want to showcase it.

KMacDonald: Tibet Meets Downton Abbey 3

I love combining interesting beads and working in a smaller scale and think this necklace shows that chain maille doesn’t have to be clunky!

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