Things I’ve Learned About Jewelry Business

by Josianne Brousseau.
(Quebec, Canada)

Hair jewelry barrette by Josianne Brousseau

Hair jewelry barrette by Josianne Brousseau

First of all, Thanks Rena for this great site with a lot of information. I’m an unconditional fan, I read all the new articles. The first day I found your site I learn about the other experiments and I think it’s the best way to learn.

But what makes me advance my career is that the last two months, one weekend each month, the little coffee-shop that’s a 3-minute walk from my home let me make a little jewelry show for only my jewelry.

I make jewelry since 2008.

At first I do it because I was devastated by the death of my friend and I didn’t want to go outside. The only thing that I wanted really do was puzzle, so I puzzled a wine bottle cap and brass wire 16 gauge. That was AWFUL!

At this time I had no job, no friend in this town because I had just moved, and the only friend I had was my boyfriend: Sebastien.

After I made the awful kind of necklace (and not sure at all that was a necklace), Sebastien told me that his mom maybe had the old pliers of his Gramma, who made jewelry.

So his mom gave me the pliers and took me to a little artisan workshop, and we bought like $50 of beads.

Ring by Josianne Brousseau

Ring by Josianne Brousseau

I start that way my jewelry business. I do it all by myself, and I didn’t take a workshop class.

Maybe two weeks later, my mother-in-law asked me if I can make a necklace for her friend’s birthday. I said yes, and I charged her 10 bucks.

After that, Sebastien said: I’ll make you a website, and we’re going shopping for beads.

I continue to sell jewelry to my entourage a little, but not enough to live on.

When I realized that for the moment I can’t live off my art, I went to an organization that helps young people like me (18 to 35) to start their dream.

So the coach I had there was sometimes really rude, but I think it’s a great way to say: “You can make better than it is.”

So she presented me to a real jeweler who works only sterling. And it’s my first real friend I made in my new town. She was what I search in a friend: confident and really spontaneous. She gave me a metal course and taught me a lot: the presentation, the way to feminize my jewelry, etc.

When the organization said it’s the time to go in the world by yourself, I took a part-time job in marketing. Two weeks later: their budget is low, so goodbye.

I was a little stressed about money, so I took a second part-time job in archive, and the same thing happens.

I said to my boyfriend: We have to talk.

And we make the decision to register our business and I’ll live off that.

Earrings by Josianne Brousseau

Earrings by Josianne Brousseau

I took all the precious tips of Home Jewelry Business Success Tips and called the little coffee shop, asking if he would be interesting in new clients.

He said yes, so I make publicity and I make my little jewelry show for three days. After the three days the owner offered me to do that once per month.

And I saw many people and some people have their little business and was interested to have my jewelry in their place.

I also made a friend who organizes for me once in a while, a little show in her beauty salon. That is amazing.

Now I have regular clients, and some once in the while, but I know they like my products and they know what I do.

The things I really learned:

  • Be open to others.
  • Create what you love and find your style.
  • Be a good listener.
  • At shows, always smile.
  • Be generous.
  • Go for small talk with a potential client, maybe they don’t buy the first time, but they will remember you or call you back.
  • Don’t be discouraged: One day of bad sale doesn’t mean you’re bad.
  • People like to be considered and have a little plus: I gave discount on my jewelry if they gave me their old ones that maybe will go in the garbage.
  • Give your card.
  • Have a little booklet that you suggest to people enter their name and email for promotion. You send it once in while and people don’t forget you.

Josianne Brousseau
Creation Ornelia

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Comments :

Another Self-Made Woman!
by: Rena

Josianne, thank you for sharing this lovely success story!

What an excellent job you did in connecting with the coffee-shop owner! And how cool that it’s led to many more great opportunities and connections for you.

Many people start making jewelry as a form of therapy during a difficult time – and then discover that it has evolved into a business that transforms their lives.

I love to see that happen.

Sebastien and his mother sound like wonderful people – it’s such a blessing to have family and friends encouraging you to make your dreams come true.

Keep on Rockin’, Josianne! Your work is quite beautiful and unique.

And thank you so much for your kind words about my website. It’s fantastic to hear how much it’s helped you!

by: Rita

Thank you for sharing, a great motivational success story and great “never give up tips”, right on! WooHoo!! And. . . nice work too.

Rena, it is absolutely superior work that brings us all together to share. Thank you.

I want that bracelet… oh yea and a coffee to go please!
by: Arbie

What a great story you have to share.
It should inspire others to get their work out into the public any which way that they can.
It’s wonderful that your local coffee shop is supporting your work as an artist. I think that it’s a really neat idea. What lucky customers!
Good-Luck with your business!

Merci pour les conseils
by: Barbara Jacquin

I am also in France and make jewelry that I show in local craft exhibits. Where exactly are you? I live near Nimes in the sunny south of France. I’m glad to see there are other nationalities reading this site. (I am American.) Rena has some very useful articles for her readers.
Keep up the good work.
Bon courage et merci.

Thanks for The Tip!
by: Kim

What an awesome tip….I have a little coffee shop close to me also- I might try that myself!!!
Thanks for your inspirational ideas.

Thanks to all of you
by: Josianne Brousseau

Hi everyone,
Thanks for all your encouragement comments. It’s really appreciate.

For Barbara Jacquin
Actually I’m in Quebec in Canada in the town of Mont-Saint-Hilaire.

Another tip for all the one who want to make a jewelry show in a coffee-shop:

Take a meeting with the owner and bring what you do. It more easier for him to know what you do. Made your own publicity and bring people who actually love your creation. Also, bought your lunch there, because, I’ve the table for free and if I bring my lunch for me is not really polite to do that. And the day you expose, don’t wear jeans, but not the sunday dress also, wear something that you love and is demonstrate you’re a buisness people but you’re also an artist. Actually I wear black. I don’t know if it an hazzard or what, but the day I was wearing jeans and couloured clothe, I don’t sale a lot.

Thanks to all of you again.
Josianne Brousseau

by: Josianne Brousseau

In my last comment I said brought your lunch but I want to say DON’T bring your lunch. In my case I got the table for nothing and it’s impolite to bring your lunch somewhere it’s free, so I buy my lunch there. Sorry for the error.


Rena is the Best
by: Elizabeth


There are some fabulous comments on this post. Every woman is a true gem (hah-ha!).

I hope that you know how talented you are. We all would be a bit puzzled without your words in our heads such as “offer this plus that if you want to close the sale, have a $5 dollar basket, accept credit cards, your display means everything”,etc.


I love the fact that all of your hints and ideas are really about wanting to help us. As such, I want to return my thanks by saying:


I second that…
by: Knightsparkle


Thank you so much Rena, for such a wonderful place to share insight and encouragement.

Linda Knight
Knightsparkle Jewelry

Thank you!
by: Rena

Thank you so much, Elizabeth and Linda! :o)

Here are some of the people I think ROCK:

– Anyone who creates something for the joy of it.

– Anyone who put themselves out there to pursue their dreams.

– Anyone who offers belief and encouragement to people following their dreams.

– Anyone who shares their dream with others.

In case you didn’t know, this encompasses all of YOU! :o)

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