Thick Leather for Bangles: Any Tips on How to Shape It?

by Alice Howe.
(United States)

I have some 5mm leather that I want to form bangles and glue the ends together. I am having a tough time getting the leather to form a perfectly round circle.

Any ideas?

Thank you,

Alice Howe

Howe to Bead

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  • Drake says:

    What sort of leather is this? I’m assuming that if you are wanting it to maintain its shape you are working with tooling-leather. Your best bet is to soak it and then let it dry on a mold. Depending on the size you are going for, you might want to try a bracelet mandrel (wood or stainless steel, since it will be wet), or something like a Baseball bat.

  • Lisa says:

    I agree with Drake about wetting your leather, it is the only way to mold it around a mandrel. My son and I created a leather mask, but I don’t think our leather was as thick as yours. We noticed that it was easier to manipulate and hold its shape as it started to dry more. There are many YouTube videos on leather working that might be helpful. Good luck!

  • Marc says:

    I was thinking maybe you can glue it with modge podge and add some rivets
    at the ends

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