The Secret

by Joan Williams.
(Springfield, Missouri USA)


One of my friends saved a handful of small round keyhole plates for me and I discovered they fit perfectly on top of an 18mm bezel, so I decided to try out a ring design.

I cut the eye image out of an old lithograph and trimmed it to fit the bezel, and because I planned to cover it with resin, I sealed it before gluing it to the bezel. (Because resin sometimes causes paper images to darken or blur, always seal first with gel medium, Mod Podge or even Elmer’s Glue!)

After gluing the bezel to the ring blank I stamped a pattern on the keyhole plate with Staz-On ink, and filled the bezel with resin before carefully placing the plate on top.

I carefully propped the ring upright in a dish of seed beads so that
the resin would cure evenly and left it overnight. The next day I glued the flat-back crystal and tiny key to the top.

Joan Williams
Lilruby – jewelry design and more at Etsy


Way cool
by: Leigh

This ring is awesome. I love the eye peeking through the keyhole.

by: Cory

What a great combination of elements, it’s a lovely piece.

by: Irene

Very original and unique. Thanks for sharing the ‘how to’

The Secret Ring
by: Rena

Joan, I think this is one of your best! A very cool combination of things, and the eye in the keyhole adds a dash of mysterious interest.

Thanks so much for sharing this great ring with us, and details of how you created it.

re: “The Secret”
by: Joan

Thanks so much to all of you for your comments!

the secret
by: Pallavi Gandhi

absolutely loved the concept and the way u put it all togther including the colours. brilliant!

Very Alice in Wonderlandish!
by: LuAnn

Joan: Love this and really enjoyed perusing your Etsy sight!! Best wishes for many sales!

by: Deb Procter

…this piece just speaks to me.

Very cool conversation piece!
by: Melissa

I am definitely attuned with The Secret and this ring does seem to fit with the concept. Love the ring!

re: comments
by: Joan

Thank you all very much!

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