The Quickest Pendant Display

by Carolina González.
(My Little Magick Shop)

Closeup of the pendants, made with vintage domino pieces, painted and decorated with my own altered photo designs.

This super quick pendant display is made with a base of a thick but light cardboard + foam material that is used commonly on scale models – my best friend is an architect and I got some spare pieces from her. (Sorry but I don’t know the English name for this!)

I just covered it in (reused) wrapping paper, made two cuts (one on each side) and passed a combining ribbon to hang the pendants from them.

The big bows add a touch of glamour.

This pendant display took about ten minutes to make.

It can be made in any size and re-wrapped as many times as needed to match the pieces.

If you’re good at sewing you could even cover it in fabric and maye eyelets for the ribbon.

I carry these trays outside all lined up in a big leather bag and they’re lasting enough to be used many, many times.

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Beautiful way to display pendants!
by: Rena

I love so many things about this display – First of all, it looks very elegant and custom-made. And it’s versatile enough to be used for any size of pendant. You could also use it to display earrings. Also it recycles materials instead of using new things. And it’s completely unlike any commercially-made jewelry displays. Finally, it’s super fast and easy to make.

Thanks so much for sharing this project, Carolina!

Very high end boutique!
by: Katharine

Very sexy fresh way to display pendants, and prevents thieves and the wind from taking your beautiful work! I think the cardboard/foam material you are refering to is called foamcore and is available at most craft and model train stores in the USA.

How do you remove a single pendant when sold?
by: Trish

Quick question… do you have to untie the ribbon and slide all the pendants off to remove one when sold?

Question on trays
by: Jay

Your comment about the trays with pendants “Pendants and their cards stay right where they belong in their square-shaped sections of this tray insert.” How do you keep the pendants in place in the trays?

Jay – Pendants Staying in the Trays
by: Rena

Hi Jay,

I think you’re referring to my jewelry display trays?

Each of my trays has one of the standard compartmented jewelry tray liners that come in different configurations. The tray liner I use for my pendants has 8 square compartments – so I put one pendant with its card in each compartment.

During shows the pendants and cards stay put nicely, even though I have the trays tilted up at a bit of an angle. It’s not a steep enough angle for them to slide or fall out of their compartments.

For storage and travel I lay a piece of “no tarnish cloth” (that I purchased by the yard at a fabric store and cut to fit exactly inside my trays) over the top of all the jewelry inside the tray. The cloth kind of helps keep the pieces from jumping out of their compartments during travel.

Then of course, I stack the trays up inside of my carrying cases, so each trayful of jewelry is held inside its own tray for travel.

At the show, I set up all of my pre-loaded trays as shown on my jewelry risers page, and then just very quickly go around and straighten or adjust each piece as needed inside its compartment.

However, if you find that the no-tarnish cloth isn’t enough to keep your jewelry in place during storage and travel, try something thicker – such as cutting some pieces of foam rubber or acoustic foam to exactly fit over the top of each tray. Acoustic foam has the “egg-crate” sculpted surface on one side – and if you turn it so that the “hills and valleys” of the egg-crate surface area against your jewelry in its compartments, it may hold your pieces in place better.

The object is to have some sort of material that will press gently and softly down against the jewelry during storage and travel, trapping it in place, when another tray is stacked on top of it.

I hope this answers your question, Jay, but if not, please just let me know! :o)

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