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by Bernadette LaSorsa.

Display your creations like china


After many shows, art festivals etc… I found categorizing my jewelry works the best.

I’ve grouped them together a few different ways:

Themes, bridal, color, style, gemstones, even seasons.

Bernadette LaSorsa
Bela Designs Jewelry Shop at Etsy


Appreciate Your Feedback
by: Anonymous

Hi Rena, thank you so much for your feed back it really helps a great deal especially from other’s more experienced. I am looking forward to others leaving their comments as well. Bernadette

Color and contrast
by: Kathleen Davis

Looking at your display, the pearls would look better on the darker backgrounds, and the darker pieces on the lighter backgrounds. When I look at the white ones, the pearls or white colors just blend in with the white background and does not draw your eye to the piece which I am sure is gorgeous. I like to create contrast with my displays and it makes a difference in sales and highlighting each necklace. Hope that helps you.

Similar sorting
by: drapedinjewelry

Because I can’t decide which medium I want to work in, I have a bit of everything; stonework, artisan glass, pearls, swarovskis, metalwork (and ‘other’, which can be clay, splatterware, etc.). I’ve tried color, size, etc. I finally settled on ‘medium’. I group together like pieces made of similar or the primary components, it works for me, particularly separating out the delicate pieces from the chunky, otherwise they seem to get ‘lost’.

my display
by: Chris – Natrual Reflections Handcrafted Jewelry

When I display at craft shows I use a plain black table cover (queen size flat sheet) and add a little color by using printed bandanas. All of my jewelry is displayed on either black or white jewelry busts, although I have recently purchased one that is muslin colored. I try to put the jewelry on a color that compliments it best. I usually share my booth with another jewelry artist so our jewelry is inner mixed. I find that if I vary the heights of my display it draws more attention, especially if it is close to eye level. I have seen some booths that have so much on there table laying flat that it is overwhelming and you can’t really decide. I like to keep it simple.
Good Luck!

Other considerations
by: amyabramsdesigns

You’ve got a good start! I would consider adding levels to your display – levels give your display a bit more visual interest and also relieves visual chaos that potential customers might perceive by everything being directly on the table (on displays but still directly on the table).

Remember that people often can’t see the forest for the trees so it is better to also put less out. My partner and I used to put everything out but our last few shows we made the painful to us decision to choose our first tier jewelry and then second tier jewelry. We limit the amount we put out and it has really helped the overall look of our display.

For height levels you could invest in some inexpensive ettegier or folding bookcases – you can always paint them to customize your look.

We used to put things out by color story (this was back when we were doing more beaded work, now we are doing mostly silver) but now we are mostly displaying in themes, like I do “charm” necklaces and this last show I grouped them all together. She does layered necklaces and she grouped those all together. This made it easier for customers when they responded to a particular theme it was all in one place!

Use the Vertical Space
by: Mountain Beads

My booth was typically flat for years – tabletop displays – so much wasted space behind and above the tables. I bought 6 black wire display panels and I join together 3 for each table with “feet” pointed under the table (I weigh down the feet to keep the racks safely upright). I bought inexpensive easel style black velvet displays, attached a hook on the back and hooks on either side towards the bottom. I make jewelry sets – I hang a necklace over the top, a bracelet hooks on side hooks stretching across the front, and earrings dangle over the top edge. I hang the easels on the wire racks with the hook on the back of the easel – above and behind my table displays. For inside shows, I attach yardage of black crushed velvet material to the back of the racks at the top with clips to provide a background for the easels and make a “wall” between me and other vendors to the sides. Using the vertical space (I was paying for it anyway!) allowed me to showcase more jewelry – and I’ve sold so much more using this display. Plus I’ve had SO many compliments on my booth from both customers and other vendors. It looks very classy – it draws people in to see my jewelry which I believe is just as classy! My advice: use that typically unused vertical space!

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