The Mad Hatter’s Pocket Watch

by Violette Noble.
(Portland Oregon USA)

The Mad Hatter's Pocket Watch

The Mad Hatter’s Pocket Watch

It’s a lovely steampunk brooch that started life as an antique silver pocket watch case.

I carefully mounted this wonderful image from Alice in Wonderland, illustration by Sir John Tenniel, inside the pocket watch.

I coated it with 3 coats of collage medium and after it was dry I mixed and poured 2 part “Glass Like” resin over the top AND to fill in the back.

I tried to capture the gleam in the photo but you have to see it in person to appreciate it!

Dancing along the top of the pocket watch is a tiny teacup (engraved with a rose no less!) and a tiny teapot that has a top that OPENS! Sooooo cute!

When I poured the resin on the top (and later on the bottom) I let a tiny amount of it drip over the sides to completely enclose and secure the tiny tea elements!

Each and every piece in my jewelry line has been meticulously designed and created in such a way as to last for years to come.

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Mad Hatter
by: Rena

Violette! This is so cool. I love the teapot and cup added to the pocket watch frame – fantastic touch. And I have always adored the John Tenniel version of “Alice” illustrations.

Your purple brocade background is a perfect backdrop for photographing this piece.

Very cool!
by: Jim Osment

I like this! Not sure why exactly , I guess because the elements all look like they belong, like they were made for each other. Nice designing!

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