The Creative Virus

by Theresa.

Hello ,
I totally love your site. From childhood I caught the creative virus and it has never been cured. I love to make/ do things with my hands eg. clothing, jewelry, nails, hair to name a few. I am now a stay at home mom for my daughter of 6 months. I have to take my blessing/gift to the next level and make it earn an income, most of what I made were gifts.

I spent a lot of time on the net trying to find help and bam!, I came upon your site. You have great info.. thanks a million for taking the time and energy to maintain this site. Blessed Be. I went about it the wrong way.

I bought cheap materials ( wire wrapping – plated wire) and tools. I have made a few pieces but I don’t want to sell them because I know that the beauty will not last. I am in Mexico, I tried to get good sterling wire, I am unable to find reliable suppliers, what I found was $50 an ounce, poor quality ( very hard).

Can you please suggest a supplier in the US where I can get good quality, reasonably priced wire and gemstone? I don’t have a photos or a website yet, since I am just starting. I don’t have a business either. I am not sure if I should make sterling silver jewelry hoping to sell or make silver plated and sell cheap?

That would mean that I would have to make many pieces in-order for me the earn a reasonable amount, since my daughter is so young time is a limited/ valuable commodity for me? Please feel free to make any comments and suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

TF Creations

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