“Terracotta” Clay Heart Pendant

by Shirley.
(San Jose, California USA)

I received a surprise comment on my black Goth heart pendant and decided on the spur of the moment to make another with some pink and brown polymer clay scraps.

Clay Heart Pendant

Clay Heart Pendant

I chopped up the brown into the tiniest of pieces and worked them into the pink. Then made two equal balls, rolled them to a point in my palm, put them side by side to make each side of the heart. The different use of the connector, originally intended as a necklace clasp, will still do the same job but in a different way.

It was placed on the right side of the heart and sealed in by a back protrusion with ‘bake and bond’ before baking. I created a small clay bow and placed it on the bottom side of the heart with ‘bake and bond’. This original necklace connector has a bar that will attach to a silver chain and easily fit into the embedding scrolled opening of the flower so it hangs just a bit off center.

It can also hang from ribbon. After sanding and rubbing, I used a mix of butterscotch and watermelon alcohol ink for a little coloring. I will also use a paste wax on it for shine and protection.

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