Taking Over the Living Room

by Natasha Burger.

taking-over-the-living-room-21579473I don’t have room in my house for a craft room, so my work space was the kitchen table for the longest time.

That was not very convenient, as the family seemed to always be wanting to use it for meals.

A desk in the living room was do-able, but I wanted it to look good too – so a recent upgrade was made.

Before I used a big tote box and had divider boxes with all my beads in them and just hauled it to wherever I was working. Time consuming to dig through looking for stuff, and messy.

Now I have a nice desk, some shelves beside it with photo boxes (on sale at Michaels) with color labels for the new beads, and the plastic divider boxes for the recycled beads I use. Pretty, functional, and looks fine in the living room.

Natasha Burger
Here Today Beadworks


neat–and ilove your etsy shoppe
by: pat barden

hey–your work space is great–im envious of the neatness–ishould be ashamed of mine–i use the dining room table, my desk, and another table–and istill, in order to take pictures, have to blow off the smoke ashes and the margarita salt–

ilooked at your jewelry–its incredibly wonderful and cool–and ilove the way of have it posted athe top for the repairs–and the surprize necklace people can order–ilove how you let buyers have so many choices–

by: Donna M

Your set up is very nice.
Your Jewelry is beautiful!!
Keep up the good work!!

Good use of vertical space
by: Fran

Hello from Ontario. We are going to be “downsizing” and moving to a smaller house. Right now I have my own loft/office that nobody else but the cats use. I will have to do some sort of living room set up and you’ve given me some good ideas. Thanks!

Your Jewelry Space
by: Bett yBeader

Hi There,

For better feng shui natural energy flow, move your table slightly out and put your chair on the wall side and look out into the room. You will find the open view will inspire you more that facing a wall.

Betty Beader

living room space
by: Pauline

That’s what I do. My table in the corner of the living room. It is usually VERY MESSY. 🙂 One of my desk drawers has beads in it but most of my supplies sits in containers in one of those scrap booking bags with a plastic extending handle, and on wheels. I drag that into the lounge! Currently everything has been put away to make way for a genealogy project – and the desk is all messy again. 🙂 I love your shelf space and labeled boxes though. That is brilliant. hmmmm (looks across room at my desk). But now I’m also loving the comment above about putting the chair against the wall and facing out, instead of a wall and window curtain….. So many ideas!

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