Tabletop Jewelry Tray Display

by Debbie Moyer.
(Warren, PA )

My A-frame jewelry display (right) along with an earring display made from 2 picture frames hinged together (left).

We are always look for ways of transporting and displaying our jewelry pieces, along with cutting down on set-up time at shows and parties. I had purchased jewelry trays to transport my jewelry, and I was using them for home parties.

I built a display that allows me to leave my pieces in the trays as part of my displays:

A simple A-frame made from 2 pieces of 1/4″ thick plywood.

I hinged the 2 plywood pieces together at the top, and added a chain hooked to each piece on the inside of the “A” to stabilize it.

I attached 2 pieces of 1″ x 1″ wood on the front to make a ledge for the trays to sit on.

I also stained the whole thing a lovely walnut color.

The A-frame is 4 feet long x 30 inches high. What’s really nice is that it allows you to display your trays vertically, and it folds almost perfectly flat for transport and storage.

It has really worked well for me and I am in the process of making an additional one for upcoming shows.

Debbie Moyer


Great Idea for a Quick Setup
by: Rena

What a great system, Debbie!

Speed can be an important factor in setting up / taking down jewelry displays at shows – and especially at home parties.

I also like that everything stores so compactly at home between shows.

Thanks so much for sharing your great invention!

Fantastic tray display, and so easy
by: Anonymous

This is wonderful, Debbie! I’m so thankful you shared this project. I’ve been looking for a way to use my jewelry trays but not just flat on the tabletop. This is perfect, and it sounds like something I can do even with my limited hardware skills!

Table Top Display
by: Pegi

Great idea especially for home parties!

by: Sarah Smith

Awesome idea!! Thanks for sharing it.

Excellent Idea
by: Belltown Beads

This is such a nice display. We are always looking for ways to maximize the use of a small space. Thank you for sharing your display.

Nice ideas!
by: Anonymous

I like your A-frame idea, and I have a question about your picture-frame earring display. It looks from your photo as though you have somehting strung across the back of the frame to attach the earring cards to. What did you use? Nice ideas!

by: Victoria

This is an AWESOME idea, thanks so much for sharing! I was just talking to my daughter the other day about needing a better way to transport our jewelry. This will be perfect!

Question about a Pinned Display
by: Cindy

I like the fact this is an easy and fast set up, but I was wondering about the fact that your jewelry is pinned to the display. Do customers try to pick it up only to find it’s pinned in? When you go over to assist them, do they then say something like ‘it’s ok, I was just looking’ and then not want to look at it any more or touch it? Do they see it’s pinned in and peruse over it and leave? Do they ask for your assistance in removing it or ask if they may try it on? I’m just wondering, basically if this technique makes them shy away? I have tried many displays in my jewelry business and pinned on a board was one of them. It was early in my career and they seemed to shy away and not touch. Once I “freed up” the necklaces on stands, they were much more willing to touch, pick up and try on. I would like to hear thoughts and comments on this.

Great display
by: Anonymous

What a great display idea! Thank you so much for sharing your idea. I think I might make some to display my jewelry. It is a great way to show your jewelry and people can see from far away what you have.

Windy Day
by: Lynda Hatches

Your display is great!! I had made frames to put my jewelry on and I have to say it didn’t hold up. The wind took my frams table and all and flipped over. I was wondering if you have every had this happen? and how do you keep it all from being blown over?
You can read my store at

by: Anonymous

what did you use to hang the earring cards on inside the picture fram?

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