Summer Mobius Cowl – Scarf with Wooden Beads

by Jill Tarabar.
(Chalfont, Pennsylvania USA)


Note from Rena: I’ve been seeing so many wonderful scarf-necklace accessories lately, that when I came across Jill’s fabulous hand-knitted cowl accented with wooden beads I asked her permission to feature it here.

I think it’s a great cool-weather alternative to a necklace!

This summer mobius cowl – hat – scarf is handknit of 100% rayon yarn that has been hand dyed in the most beautiful shades of earth… deep greens, golds, teals and browns.


Lightweight, wooden, natural color, odd shaped beads are knitted into the continuous edge.

Hand knit on REALLY large needles, light and airy, fun yet elegant, the scarf can be worn as a cowl or head covering. A beautiful accent to a tank top and jeans or a summer dress.


Knit in garter stitch, the mobius is a continuous circle with a twist. It measures 24″ wide with a circumference of approx. 36″. One size fits all!

The soft yarn is 100% rayon and can be hand washed in cold water and dried flat.

Jill Tarabar
JiSTdesigns blog
JiSTknits on etsy


Versatile neck accessory
by: Rena

Jill, thanks so much for letting me feature this beautiful cowl here! I love the large-needle knit and the versatility of your cowl as an accessory. The wooden bead accents are a wonderful touch.

by: Kristin

Hey Jill, this is super cool! Looks fun to make and fun to wear! Thx for sharing!

seasonal artistry all year round
by: Anonymous

I absolutely love it !

by: Bridgette

This scarf is absolutely gorgeous and unique!

Thank you!
by: Jill

Rena, thank you for featuring my cowl! I love the phrase “neck adornment” – it opens so many avenues for creativity!

Mobius cowl
by: Kate

I run a knitting cub at our localBotany Town Centre library. So far there have been a few cowls knitted, but yours is elegant and fine and with the wooden beads combines both knitting and beading – couldn’t be better. I will pass on your shop address.

Tutorial for your cowl with wooden beads?
by: Rena

Jill, have you thought about putting together a tutorial for this cowl (or any of the other lovelies in your shop) – and putting the tutorial PDFs up for sale in your Etsy shop?

by: Jill

Yes, I have actually thought of that and will work on something this week… the cowl is deceptively simple! My challenge will be to find the scribbled notes I wrote when creating it!

Summer Cowl
by: Tricia – Bead Booty

Beautiful! I’ve also noticed lots of lightweight fabric being used for spring & summer neckpieces. In the spirit of this trend I’ve made some T-Shirt Necklaces. They’re fun to make & look great!

Cowl Pattern in my Etsy Shop
by: Jill

Thank you all for the kind comments! I’ve created a pattern for this cowl that includes instructions for an invisible seam called Kitchener Stitch and adding beads as an option. It’s now posted in my Etsy shop!

Summer Mobius Cowl tutorial
by: Rena

Awesome, Jill – thanks so much for letting us know!

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