Stretching Myself Too Thin Online – Something Has Got to Go!

by Janine.
(Holliston, Massachusetts, USA)

I am going to put it all out there:

I have a website powered by Vistaprint, an Etsy page, an Artfire page and a Facebook page.

I an not consistent with any of them.

Jewelry by Janine Gerade

I have been talking to business owners who develop whole advertising plans and market well.

I would like to do that, but I fear I cannot commit that much time (I have a 4-year-old daughter, 2 part time jobs, and volunteering at her school).


My websites, Etsy, Artfire, etc. are all suffering because I can’t keep up! My computer is slow, very slow. I have an older Mac.

Jewelry by Janine Gerade

I need to get rid of at least 1 website. I am grandfathered in at the $5.95 price on Artfire which I think may be the first to go (only 1 sale there, and the same on Etsy).

To transfer all that stuff is going to be a pain but I need a push and I can’t figure which direction to go.

I have not had sales on my main vistaprint website unless I directed someone there to pick something out.

I put a lot of time onto the vistaprint website and it costs me $17 a month. I don’t like the fact that I can only upload 1 picture for each item there.


What do I do??

Facebook is the easiest and cheapest and I update that easily from my phone and often but I do not have a shopping cart feature like on my other sites where you can but directly from a post (do they have that feature?).

I really appreciate your advice in advance!!

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