Strength Taino Copper Earrings

by Norma I. Vega.
(Yonkers, New York)

Strength Taino Copper Earrings by Norma I. Vega  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal


These are 100% Copper, including the ear pieces which I styled to follow the curves of the earrings.

They are inspired by my heritage, the Taino people of the Caribbean. I used their symbol for “The Supremacy of God” and came up with these.

Strength Taino Copper Earrings by Norma I. Vega  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal


I love working in wire! I especially like copper, brass, and silver. I like that the wire basically leads my design.

Even though I use symbols as inspiration, sometimes the wire does what it wants to do and there is no point fighting it.

Strength Taino Copper Earrings by Norma I. Vega  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal


I have always had a connection to wire; as far back as six. I played with telephone wires and made rings with them. I loved making butterflies!

Now, I’m trying to use this medium to make more sophisticated pieces. They always carry a message: one that is positive and uplifting.

I hope you like them!

Norma I. Vega
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  • Norma, what a cool way to bring your heritage into your jewelry art! And I love that your pieces carry a message that’s positive and uplifting – a lovely way brighten the wearer’s day.

  • Norma,
    What a beautiful piece! It does speak strength to my spirit. Good job!

  • Rebecca Doremus says:

    Lovely design. The shape is very elegant and I love the way it turned out, especially in copper.

  • Rita says:

    Beautiful Norma! And what an inspirational story. Thanks for sharing. I loved learning to stop the fighting and let the piece evolve. Usually works better than I planned. Strength indeed!

  • kathy corkery says:

    I love copper jewelry and i love these! great work

  • Love these beautiful earrings, especially the unique earwires!

  • Norma I Vega says:

    So sorry everyone! I forgot to click followup emails!
    Thank you all for your kind words!!!
    They mean so much to me!

  • Norma I Vega says:

    Rena, as always, I look to you when I need reassurance and have never failed.

  • Norma I Vega says:

    Joybelle, I’m happy it touched you. That is what I want to achieve through my jewelry.
    Rebecca, thanks for your critique.
    Rita, I agree completely!
    Kathy, copper is my favorite!
    Stephanie, thank you for the compliment!

  • Norma, thank you for your lovely comment! That means a lot to me. 🙂

  • Patti Pojer says:

    What a beautiful piece, and the message behind it just as lovely! Letting the wire take the lead, is the same process I use when designing my jewelry ( glass beads) …I just can’t design any other way and this is how all my pieces become OOAK!
    I love love the copper!

    I saw that you come from my hometown..Yonkers…I was born and raised!!

  • Patti,
    Thanks for your comments! It is the best way I know, just let the medium do the work!!!

    And, I was born in Puerto Rico and moved to Yonkers in 2002 when I bought a little cottage!!! Love it!!!

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