Steampunk Propeller Pendant

by Lisa Barge.
(San Antonio, Texas)

Antiqued Steampunk Propeller Pendant

A few years ago I was surfing the web to find different styles that would inspire me and discovered steampunk. I always loved mixing metals and the style just looked like alot of fun.

Aventurine Donut with Gear and Asian Coin

I then discovered that it started out as a literary genre, then moved into music as well as fashion.

Time Flies!

I introduced my then high school sons to the steampunk band Abney Park. Now they enjoy going to anime conventions dressed in their steampunk outfits. Of course I had to start creating jewelry in this genre!

Airship Captain's Winged Pin

For this piece I distressed a copper dogtag blank, drilled it, and added brass and copper gears. I then added a brass propeller with a tiny screw and antiqued the whole think with liver of sulfur.

Lisa Barge
Circles of Stone at Artfire


steampunk stylishness
by: Rena

Neat to see four of your great steampunk designs here! In the first photo above, does the propeller spin? I love the idea of mounting it on a dogtag-type background. And the “tempus fugit” stamping is a perfect motto to accompany a bottle of steampunk watch parts.

These pieces are all very clever, attractive, and wearable – I would have a hard time choosing just one of them!

Thank You!
by: Lisa

Thank you Rena! Since I connected the propeller with a screw it was too tight to spin. I have been thinking about that though and think it would be fun to create one that would spin. I did make another necklace with a spinning gear!

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