Steampunk Eve of Destruction

by Tricia Phelps.
(Portland Maine)

Eve of Destruction abstract steampunk necklace

This piece was inspired when this song wouldn’t stop running in my head.

Eve of Destruction steampunk brooch

The 32 watch parts represent the planets colliding on the Eve of Destruction.

Detail of Eve of Destruction steampunk necklace

This comes with earrings and a brooch which represents the Sun.

Eve of Destruction steampunk jewelry set


Tricia Phelps


Collision in the heavens
by: Sharon

What a creative idea this is. Very enticing and even a little scary!

by: Adasha

I loved this song!!!! Brings back memories. And I LOVE this necklace! It’s almost like you expect to see some barbed wire, but there’s not any…. WAY COOL!

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