Steampunk Aviator Necklace

by Violette Noble.
(Portland, Oregon)

Steampunk Aviator Necklace

Up for your approval this day a glorious necklace that was created using a rare smaller ladies antique pocket watch movement.

The movement has all the gears, wheels and parts visible for that true steampunk feeling!

Even the little lever on the tiny timing mechanism still works and can be moved from side to side.

The movement itself is a diminutive 1″ in diameter but the overall measurements of the pendant portion are 4″ by 1″.

The chain measures 24″ long.

The antiqued brass wings are FABULOUS and have just a hint of verde gris finish to them! You will LOVE these wings!

I fitted it on the back with a jewelry quality pin back and a tiny piece of text from a discarded antique book has been added to finish it off.

When you wear this majestic brooch you will envision the giant airships soaring overhead in London at the height of the steampunk era.

Violette Noble
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Fly Girl
by: Rena

How cool that the timing mechanism is a moving part, giving the necklace a bit of steampunk gadget reality.

Lovely piece – thank you for sharing it with us!

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