Staying Positive About Jewelry Selling

by Mieke.


Hi jewelry lovers,

I’m a 24yr old jewelry design from Holland with over 8 yrs of experience when it comes to making jewelry. Its started with a few acrylic beads and I was addicted right away. After a maybe 3 years I discovered Swarovski and I stuck to it! Gosh the sparkling…

First it was pointed back stones and then beads and pendants. That is what I still use after all these years and I’m still not bored.

I wanted to tell you about how to stay positive when you are already busy so long with selling and making jewelry and you still don’t see any progress, or the progress you’re making is very small. Its very hard to empower yourself time after time. We are all humans and yes we can be upset sometimes or having problems etc. But when you really really really love making jewelry then nothing can stand in your way to enjoy your way to the top. Even when its taken much longer then you expected. I have now my 3rd webshop and its still not a very big success and my former webshops weren’t a big success either. BUT that is not what we are going to talk about.

I read a lot of success stories here and that is really amazing! I wish every jewelry designer a big and great success business!!! But its not always that easy! I have been (trying) to sell my jewelry on Ebay on Etsy, on so many other different websites, but it didn’t work so well. I had a sale so now and then (like 1 a month or less) but I wanted to have a very large and successful business. I have been on fairs and so many other different things. Even had some off my jewelry in consignment and guess what, even there sales were low. I bet you all thinking now were your jewelry pieces so not nice (read: ugly). No they weren’t but I focused so hard on quantity that I forgot about quality. Not of the jewelery but of the selling points. I thought if I have more selling points I well sell more jewelry. But when you sell your Swarovski bridal jewelry at a outlet bridal stores which is only open in the weekends it simply won’t work!

It took me a very long time to recognize that this was the problem. I was fighting for my jewelry for already so many years! And almost everything I did failed. I have been down so many times wondering why people didn’t want to buy my jewelry. Was it to expensive, was it ugly, was the quality of my jewelry to low… but deep down inside I knew that jewelry making is my God-given talent so I just had to persevere! I had too and so do you!

When failure number 10,000 happened I was really feeling depressed about it, I took a break from making jewelry with a purpose to sell and I began to make jewelry once in awhile just because I felt like doing it. And it took me over 6 months to enjoying it again. Selling was my obsession and I turned that around. I once was at my job and I showed some of my jewelry and a lady working there said oh yeah your jewelry is nice but no one is going to buy it and it will definitely not be a success and I thought to myself who is this lady to make me feel miserable. I said well that’s your opinion I feel different about it. To make this long story short I met a few people who were really trying to put me down. But because I was loving my jewelry I couldn’t accept all the bad things they said. So I tried to stay positive once more.

I signed up to Twitter and I really enjoyed talking to people and they were telling me they liked my jewelry etc. I tried to sell some on Twitter but that wasn’t a great success. I had a lot of followers from the US and so I decided to open another account for Dutch followers. I refused to talk about my jewelry on a business way but I liked the contact with the people. And of course I was expressing my love for my pieces. Step by step I came in contact with people who were selling jewelry too. I never had the intention to use my Dutch account a selling channel. But the network I build was great and people were asking for me… I was chasing people for over 8 yrs and now things started to change.

At this moment I have 1 shop where I sell my jewelry and I have a few appointments with other shops who are interested in my jewelry. On my new job I sell some pieces to my co-workers and I feel so confident that I will start to approach stores without the use of internet! My business is growing bit by bit and I enjoy it so much…

It took me awhile to see that not my jewelry, not my prices or anything had to change except me. I was the one who needed a change.

I want to encourage all of you to stay positive, don’t look for quantity but for quality when it comes to selling points. Be confident about the jewelry you making!! I sell the exact same earring as 3 years ago, same price etc but now it sells because of me 🙂

Change your attitude and you will see a different in your business I have been and still am fighting for over 8 years and hey if I can do this then you can do too!!

Big hugs to all you!

Mieke from Holland


by: Millie.GotRocks

Mieke from Holland you are a delight. It would be fun to meet you face to face.

Everyone should have your determination!

Thanks for sharing.

‘Overstocked with Rocks’, lol.

Millie \o/

by: Anonymous

thankyou so much for your words of incouragement.I have only been making jewlery for alittle over 2 yrs. I doing it. everyone seems to like it. I have 4 daughters,grown, and they all love it too. because im on a very strick budget{im on ss.)so i have to buy inexpensive beads and findings. what i turn out, i think is beautiful. one piece auctioned off at “ducks unlimited” sold for $85.00. I was thrilled!! some have sold at a nursing home were my daughter wks. friends have bought,and my church has raffled off pieces for charity…..that said, i need an outlet.but meanwhile, i”ll keep on beading!!

Very Good Advice
by: Angel

Young Lady,
Great points you have made to encourage so many more…You keep doing what you’re doing and you too will make it.
I myself have been making jewelry for many years with selling to only friends and family and also giving a few pieces away….my problem is actually finding the time to create websites, create business plans or anything else that has to do with the selling part for jewelry.
I work from home full time, I have a disabled husband and I just moved my father in with us as well…as you can see I don’t have any free time barely to make my jewelry let alone sell it(which will take quite a bit of time to organize). So I guess what I’m saying is this…I love making jewelry in my spare time (very little) and I would love to venture out to the selling aspect of it as soon as I can squeeze in some time…but my pure joy is making it, period. I love to give pieces to family and friends for special days/Holidays or just to say thank you for helping me with something else. They are always very appreciative and in return it brings a smile to my face.
Actually that’s how I have sold the pieces that I have sold because one of pieces is on someones neck, wrists or fingers and a request has been made.
I say find your niche as it seems as you have done and go with that! I don’t know about you but jewelry making makes me smile and really show off my creativity. And it sounds as though you enjoy what you do, don’t ever lose that…you never know who may find you and buy you out!
Hang in there sister girl and do you!

You Inspire Me
by: Patti

Thank you so much.

Your article has really helped me.

I also have been making jewelry for several years, and not having much success in selling it.

I thought there was something wrong with it, even though my family, friends, and co-workers like it.

Your article has taught me not to be so down on myself, and not to give up.

Thank you again.

Thank you for your comments
by: Mieke

Hi all!

Thank you so much for taking the time to make a comment on my ‘story’. I’m so thankfull that it is helping you! I have been through a lot and I know some of you too!

Its great to see how you all keep the confidence and love for jewelry making. Things will change! Think a bit outsite the box try some new things so now and then to stay fresh.

In the end you will get there!

Feel free to follow me on Twitter if you like
@mieke1104 (I tweet in English too, but I do talk a lot in Dutch!)

xxx Mieke

Thank You for the Inspiration
by: BooCee

Thank you for your article and inspiration. I just started making jewelry and get a joy out of it. I, too, am having problems in selling my jewelry. Many people have seen it and told me it is beautiful and that I have a wonderful eye for designs and color. I guess that stems from my fashion sewing years. I get a lot of encouragement from friends, family, and co-workers, but it seems that I can’t get them to buy. I have sold quite of few special orders but would like to start selling at craft shows, flea markets and such. After reading your article, I will stay focus and uplifted and pray and hope that one day I will reach my goal of having a home business. And, yes Rena, I do have the Ultimate Guide book and read it constantly. I also would like to add that many of beaders I have encountered has been very helpful and supportive.

Thank you for sharing
by: Carolyn Dargevics

I want to thank you for sharing because I’ve been trying to sell my jewelry too, using the same channels you have, and it doesn’t sell enough. At fairs, I get comments that I “do good work” — even from men — but no sales. It’s disheartening. No one has yet made a negative comment but when I don’t get sales, I take that as a negative. I too question my prices, etc., but I’m not going to compromise because I know my jewelry is — and I am — worth it. It just feels good that someone else feels the same way I do. Thank you again for sharing.

good insight!
by: Ann Nolen

I started with wire wrap jewelry and sold some, but not that well. I kept wondering if I could come up with something really different, and when I did, things really changed quickly.
In hindsignt, what I came up with was different, but more important it was something I was excited about. It had a strong theme, and I think that gave customers an excuse to buy…but it also gave me something to talk about with them.
I think customers want to have a “relationship” with you. If they feel like they know you they are more likely to buy. For example, I have never met Rena but would love to someday. Just from her wonderful website and her online books, I have come to feel I know her. So, when she comes out with another book, I will buy it right away, once again because I feel like I know her and trust she will give me a good product.
I think my current line of jewelry has allowed me to open up and have conversations with customers. Not selling, just letting them get to know me and share my stories of what I find exciting.
Just a little insight that might help you along the way. It sure helped me!

Thank you
by: Jen W

Thank you for your insight. I’ve been selling jewelry for almost two years now. I often times get discouraged, questioning everything from prices to quality ect. I spend so much time trying to market my jewelry , with out a lot of money to market, but all my time spent never amts to much. After I read your story, I feel inspired again. Thank you so much for reminded me why I started making jewelry.

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