Starting a Jewellery Business with Encouragement from Friends

by Nicole Williams.
(Perth, Western Australia)


I don’t know what it is about beads. All I know is it didn’t take me long to discover the joy and overwhelming ‘addiction’ to beading.

I eat, drink and sleep beads (not literally) – especially Swarovski crystals and quality gemstones. I know the joy it brings to design and wear items that people make comments on, and want for themselves.


So, with much encouragement from friends, I began my business. It was very scary at first to take the ‘leap of faith’ in to the great unknown.

Questions asked internally were: Who would possibly like my designs? What if I don’t have enough product to display? Are my prices congruent with what customers are willing to pay? Am I doing the right thing?

So, I took that leap of faith and did it anyway.

A great writer, Joyce Meyer, once said, “Do it afraid.” So I did.


I began with ‘Parties’ at friends’ homes, offering incentives for hosting one. I probably had only 3 or 4 jewellery parties in the first year but I have found for me it is the one of the quickest ways to earn income in this business.

I also sold on a popular auction site which also helped.

I have been making jewellery for a while now and have found what works for me and what doesn’t. Not to say I have ‘found the answer’ but knowing as I keep pressing forward with the knowledge and experience of designing and selling, that there is always more to learn.

Exciting, really!

So, now I am really enjoying custom-making jewellery for weddings and have my own website. I’m still trying to draw more customers to the site but I am still learning in this area also.


I know that if my friends hadn’t encouraged me to pursue my desires to be self-employed in my passionate area of jewellery making, I probably would not have had the confidence to go out on my own in this at all.

Just as my friends supported me, can I encourage you to encourage your friends around you to pursue what’s on their heart to do. . . even if it means hosting a party for them, to launch them into their dreams also.

Nicole Williams
Montana West Boutique on etsy


The Power of Encouragement
by: Rena

I love your jewelry – lots of delicious wirework among the Swarovskis and gems. And I admired your gorgeous photography for several minutes (the first picture above especially). I also enjoyed the customer photos on your website.

I so agree about the power of encouragement! Sometimes we just need a little boost from people who believe in us to help us realize what we can do. And encouraging others can cause far-reaching ripples of wonderful things.

I’m so glad to hear about your success and joy in what you’re doing. Your wedding jewelry customers all look very happy with your work!

wonderful jewelery
by: Anonymous

I love the items that Nicole has made for me and wear them all the time. some of my friends have asked about them and also they came to a couple of parties I had and purchased their own. Last week I was out with a few ladies and they all had necklaces on that Nicole had made for them.

we are very happy with our purchases.

Go For It !
by: Francesca – AC Creatifs

I know exactly what you were going through because, I am going through the same thing too. In my case it was family that started me thinking about marketing my jewellery, namely my husband. He’s always been behind me in whatever I’ve attempted.

I still feel that same fear “who would buy my jewellery”. I’m self-taught and enjoy learning from my mistakes.

Last weekend I placed four of my necklaces in a jewellery store. I wasn’t showing the owner who is an acquaitance for the intention of selling them in his store. He offered to put them in his store and my husband said go for it, so I did.

I think we all have to realize that if we don’t try we don’t know. If we don’t toot our own horns who will.

“Do it afraid”
by: Rena

Great job, Francesca! And excellent point about “if we don’t try we don’t know”.

Kudos to your hubby for being so supportive of your artistry!

Encouragement from Friends
by: Montana West

I have to also say that I also studied in Small Business Management and was accepted into the NEIS programme for new Businesses, through Mission Australia. It is the greatest thing I have been invited to join, as they are assisting and mentoring me in my venture to have a successful business. If I could add anything more to my article I would say that there is help available and to seek it out. Thanks so much for reading 🙂

by: Rena

Fantastic about getting into the NEIS programme! Mentoring like that is so valuable. And thank you for sharing your tip on seeking out available help. There is indeed a lot of it available, and often for free.

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