Stainless Steel and Leather Men’s Bracelet

by Juan Valerio.
(Tarpon Springs FL)

Stainless Steel and Leather Men's Bracelet by Juan Valerio  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

I made this piece with repurposed steel from a kitchen utensil and leather from a used belt.

Juan Valerio
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  • A wonderful masculine bracelet, Juan! I like the fact that the components are repurposed from other objects. How did you attach the leather to the metal?

  • Juan valerio says:

    Hi Rena Kingenberg,I used a little bit of glue,I also carved prongs at both ends of the bracelet and folded them over to keep the leather in place.

  • Colleen says:

    Wow I love this bracelet!!! Was it hard to hammer the stainless and did you have to use a plasma cutter to cut the steel? Great job!!

  • Rumy says:

    Hello Juan, congratulations on this very stylish bracelet. The creative repurposing of the quality material is not only eco friendly, but economical, too. It got me thinking about all the unused beautiful belts in my house and your work has inspired me. The thought of bracelets from belts had crossed my mind a wile ago, but I had dismissed it, because I couldn’t come up with an idea about how to make it rigid. I like the look of your bracelet and the simple imaginative solutions you have invented. I am curious about the type of kitchen utensil used in your bracelet – a handle, perhaps?! Keep up creating. You are a natural.

  • Catherine Franz says:

    Brilliant! Love this. I love recycling items. Good job!

  • Fabulous.. men are always asking if I have anything masculine
    Will try & make some of these for my next show.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Juan valerio says:

    Hi Colleen,it wasn’t too hard to hammer the steel and I used a hand saw to cut it.Thank you.

  • Juan valerio says:

    Hi Rumy,thank you for the compliments!.To make this bracelet I used the steel from a pair of grilling tongs.

  • Juan valerio says:

    Thank you everybody for your kind words.Lets keep creating!!!

  • Jay says:

    Where do you sell your bracelets?

  • Jay says:

    Sorry, I forgot to say “Beautiful work”.

  • Juan valerio says:

    Hi Jay,for the time being I’m only showing my work in here and trying to get some feed back.I do not have a license to sell yet ( working on it ) but when I do I plan to do shows around town,sell on the internet etc,etc…Thank you for your question and compliment and if you like my work,just keep an eye on me!!

  • Micki says:

    What a great idea and beautiful execution! I would think lots of men—and maybe some women!—would love to wear this beautiful bracelet. Nice work!

  • Juan valerio says:

    Thank you Micki,I get a lot of compliments every time I wear this bracelet and you are right,it could be worn by both men and women,in fact ,I made the female version of it.

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