Springbreak Bracelet with Genuine Forget-Me-Not Flowers

by Rossella.

Springbreak Bracelet with Genuine Forget-Me-Nots by Rossella  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

This real forget-me nots bracelet made with ecoresin is one of the first creations in my new collection.

Flowers are preserved tridimensionally and not pressed. I love the crystal effect and it happened that a pair of ladies thought it was made of real crystal.

Springbreak Bracelet with Genuine Forget-Me-Nots by Rossella  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Faceted rings and earrings are soon to be made, as I’d love to give the possibility to match them.


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  • Breathtakingly beautiful, Rossella! An ethereal bracelet to wear all year for a touch of Spring.

  • guin says:

    So unique and lovely.

  • Dianne says:

    I can easily see this as a way to preserve the memory a special occasion, vacation, or other moment in life. Just beautiful.

  • Tamara Robertson says:

    This is so pretty! I love the beautiful little blue forget-me-nots!

  • Debra Lowe says:

    Absolutely gorgeous, forget me not was one of my mom’s favorite flowers, beautiful, and made me think of her.

  • Claudia Kellenberger says:

    While bangles are never actually comfortable on ME, personally, I cannot get over how absolutely BEAUTIFUL this bracelet is !! WOW …. You did a great job on it !

  • Rossella says:

    Thank you, your appreciation is welcome! The preservation of memories and their delicate beauty is a sort of mission in my life, from writing to creating these jewelry… I am happy to read your comments.

  • Donna says:


  • Patti Pojer says:

    What a truly lovely bracelet ,.it’s breathtaking!

  • Dana C Smith says:

    So fresh and all-of-a-piece; probably lightweight too! Love the way the forget-me-nots float freely in the crystal clear medium!

  • Moogie says:

    Truly beautiful! It would be a wonderful way to preserve some of the amazing Texas wildflowers. This year is especially beautiful due to all the rain! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous creation.

  • linda says:

    I love it!! So unique. Could you please tell me how to make myself one? Thankyou. linda

  • So pretty! Perfect for spring. I need do learn how to do this.

  • Valerie says:

    Beautiful, Rosella. I’ve done some work with resin, but never anything like this. Gorgeous!

  • Kathy Zee says:

    Your choice of flowers in this bracelet is just so delicate and beautiful. I absolutely love it.
    Hope to see more of your work soon. Please post more items. How can I order one of these?

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