Spring is here! Wire Woven Flower Set

by Rochelle Hughes.
(Red Deer, AB, Canada)

spring-is-here-wire-woven-flower-set-21507639This wire technique is one of my favourite ways to bring my ideas to reality. I have always try to do things a little different and so far it has worked for me.


This particular set I made with the idea in mind of what kind of a customer I wanted to target. I wanted the customer to have the choice to wear the pieces during the day to the office without looking over done and then in the evening out for some fun on the town all blinged out.


I wanted the pieces to be fun and modern, and also ageless. I had so much fun making this set. I spent about 18 hrs making it, I used 16g sterling silver for the frame of the flowers, 26g sterling silver to wrap around the frame and 28g sterling silver for the Viking net, loads of 4mm vitail swarovski crystals.

Rochelle Hughes


Great piece
by: Anonymous

I hope the colors in the other pieces are as stunning as the earnings. Would love to see this up close to get the real effect of the brilliant colors.

So pretty!
by: Sarah Reid

Thanks for sharing your beautiful wire work. The detail in this set is amazing, no wonder it took you 18hrs! It’s nice to see another Canadian here too, I’m in Fort McMurray.

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