Spirit of Canada Bracelets

by Tamara Summers.
(Kitchener, Ontario)

July 1 was Canada Day here. Just before the long weekend, I was taking some stock to a store I rent space in. I got a last minute idea to make up some red and white jewellery.

I didn’t want to have it just for the holiday weekend though. I decided to call the collection Spirit of Canada Jewellery (I made up a little sign for it), rather than Canada Day Jewellery. The store is located in a tourist village, and maybe someone would like it as a souvenir. But I also wanted it to be just elegant jewellery, pretty on its own with no tie to the holiday.

I wanted it to simple and inexpensive, and decided on bead bracelets. If I keep the line going, I’ll probably add earrings. I used white pearls, and added a variety of red beads that I had on hand. I only had time to do half a dozen, but placed in a pretty tray, they made a presence for themselves.

Tamara Summers
Pink Pearls by Tamara

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