Spinning Shutters: DIY Earring Display

by Henrietta Foster.
(Rochester, New York USA)

I’m a newbie when it comes to craft shows, and have been working on effective ways to display my jewelry. When we redecorated our bathroom, the louvered window shutters seemed perfect for hanging earring cards.

The rotating display, with some of my earrings.

The rotating display, with some of my earrings.

At my first show I simply placed the shutters on a table, but I worried that they might tip over, and they took up too much space! Using a lazy susan base, I used the shutters to create a rotating display that takes up only a square foot of space, and will display up to 32 earring cards.

I decided to create a rotating display using a set of the shutters. I’m very pleased with the result and hope the process will be helpful to others as well!

Materials Needed:

  • Interior shutters – you can buy them new or repurpose them, and the size is up to you!
  • A wooden base – I used a DIY clock base from the craft store, but you can cut one from wood or plywood.
  • A lazy susan base – mine came from amazon.com; you might find one in a home improvement store.
  • Nails and screws.
  • Wood filler or spackle.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Paint of your choice.
I left the top open. I may cut a board to fit on top and attach a pretty finial to dress it up.

I left the top open. I may cut a board to fit on top and attach a pretty finial to dress it up.

Step 1 – Clean the shutters, making sure to remove any dust and dirt.
Step 2 – Remove any hardware.
Step 3 – Nail the shutters together.
Step 4 – Fill all holes with spackle or wood filler, let dry, and sand smooth.
Step 5 – Paint the shutter assembly and the wood base. Spray paint is the quickest and best way to paint shutters.
Step 6 – After everything is dry, turn the shutter assembly upside down, center the base, and nail it to the shutters.
Step 7 – screw the lazy susan to the bottom of the base, being careful to center it.
Step 8 – Add feet or pads to the bottom of the lazy susan to protect your table covering.

Detail of the lazy susan mechanism. Measure carefully to center it on the base so your display will rotate evenly.

Detail of the lazy susan mechanism. Measure carefully to center it on the base so your display will rotate evenly.

I designed the earring cards before making the display, and they are just a bit too wide for these shutters. The larger the shutter, the more earrings you can display at a time! If you use this idea, I’d love to hear how it works out for you!

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  • sandi says:

    Wow I am so impressed with your earring display! Well done and great recycling!

  • Great minds think a like. My hubby created my shutter display for me last year. I too used the shutters on the table and every one seemed to come up and try to turn them. Here is the link where I posted pictures of mine – using a two toned paint:


    Flea markets and antique stores are great places to find shutters as well.

  • Rain says:

    Love them!

    I use shutters for my earring display too. Mine are hinged in pairs, so that I can use them together or separately. Sometimes it’s nice to split them up if I want to use one fixture for earrings that are all the same price (like $15 each or 3 for $40) and don’t want any confusion. Then I can put higher priced pairs on the other fixture at the other side of my booth.

    I bought the unfinished shutters at a Habitat for Humanity Restore for $1 each. I added the brass hinges and stained them myself. I think the total was less than $15. I get lots of compliments on them from other jewelry vendors at shows and I love that if someone wants some for their own displays they can’t just walk into a Home Depot and buy them off the shelf!

  • Michele Counihan says:

    Great ideas! I am taking over a bedroom after one son moved out. It has the best light in the whole house. I am so excited and looking for ways to reuse what I have for displays. Hoping to pickup some odd screens for earring displays – perhaps staple them to large picture frames. I picked up a couple of tall pierced luminaria, removed the candle holders, and use those for earrings at shows. Also found “antique” brass toilet paper stands to hold necklaces and bracelets. The S-shape at the top is perfect for holding them.
    I’d like some advice about starting a blog, if anyone is adept at it.

    Mikki Mikki Art Jewelry

  • Joy Woelfer says:

    I have full door shutters, 6′ x 36″. I put key hole screws at the top and bottom ends. Ever since I have used them (they are on the ground vs a lazy susan), my sales have tripled.
    I bought new ones and painted them white. I connect each section with the electrical plastic all purpose tie that feeds into the head and then you slide it up until there is a tight connection.

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