Sounds Odd but it Looks Classy and Requires Little Set-Up

by Jeanna

(Jewelry by Jeanna)

When I first started sharing my work, it took me over an hour to set-up my earrings at each show.

I had simple earring displays but they could not be set-up ahead of time. I was transporting some of my hand shaped displays in a black Target trash can that had wire mesh.

I turned it upside down and realized it was the perfect display. My first one was round and it hold a LOT more earrings than my old display and it was only $2.50 during back to school time.

My second one has four sides so I can display by color. One is for my full-priced earrings and the other is for clearances items. I can pre-load all of my earrings and put them inside a plastic storage bin or box for travel.

It saves time, is easy for the customers to turn, and I have many people want to buy the display right off the table for their own earrings. They are always surprised when I tell them what it is.


Jewelry by Jeanna

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