Something New I’m Trying

by Maureen Kessler.
(By the sea in Massachusetts USA)

Bracelets are my favorite piece to wear. Copper is my favorite metal to work with.Being the type of person to just “jump in” and try making whatever it is I envision.

MKessler: Something New I'm Trying 1

Thinking about a copper bangle with beads woven throughout sent me to the studio (my dining room table).

First, I measured some half round half hard copper wire around a soup can. (If I was smart, I’d buy a bracelet mandrel but I never claimed smarts)
My wrists are small and the soup can is sized perfectly for more average wrists.

MKessler: Something New I'm Trying 2Next I bend one end of each piece of wire into what looks like maybe the eye of a needle. For my bangle I used three pieces of wire but I’m thinking I would like to try this with more than three. You decide what you like.

The next step, I take a smaller piece of copper wire and insert it through these “eye loops” and bend the ends of this over the loops. The purpose of this is to keep the three wires together. Imagine a TTT if you will.
The fun parts come now so don’t give up on me!

Choose the bead colors you want to use. For me, that is a no brainer. Blue.

I’ve got some crackle glass beads in a gorgeous shade of ocean blue and some blue cultured sea glass beads.I love the way the smooth sea glass looks against the shiny crackle glass. Sweet!

Beads set out, it’s time to choose the wire to wrap with. For this I used 28G copper wire. This wire comes on a spool so I just thread on a bead, start wrapping, thread another bead and so on.

MKessler: Something New I'm Trying 3

My particular vision for this bangle is a tangle of seaweed and sailing ropes interlaced with flotsam from the ocean floor.

Your vision may be more tightly wrapped or narrow or wider. It’s up to you. Once I see in my hand, what I see in my mind I bend the other end of the three wires up just like I did in the beginning and pin it with a small piece of wire, exactly like I did at the other end.

I apologize if this is a little too “freeform” but that’s the way I work. I hope this little piece may inspire you to try something new this Spring.

Maureen Kessler
Happily Embellished at Etsy

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