Snow Dam Earrings

by Janine Gerade.
(Holliston, Massachusetts USA)

Snow dam earrings are made from at pattern I found on Pinterest.

JGerade: Snow Dam Earrings 1

I wanted to look up a pattern to use the clear glass paddle beads I had on hand.

JGerade: Snow Dam Earrings 2

I took some beads and supplies from my studio ( which is 1 mile from my home) and prepared for yet another blizzard.
So far we have had 4 major snowstorms, temps below 30 for months and 4 feet of snow on the ground. My child could get lost in it!

So we’re sick of snow.

JGerade: Snow Dam Earrings 3

We also have plenty of ice dams on the house. They are thick layers of ice that built up in the gutter and cause huge icicles.

Janine Gerade
Janine’s Jewelry Design
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Url to the free pattern to make these earrings:

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