Small Spaces Require A Lot of Organization!

by LeAnne.
(Fremont, California USA)

Small spaces require organization

Small spaces require organization

I live in a small 1 bedroom condo and my studio is in the largest room, which happens to be my bedroom.

I have a long sturdy table from Ikea as my workbench, with many plastic drawers for supplies, along with wall shelves to hold the bigger items.

This allows me to have everything within reach and in one spot so it doesn’t take over the rest of my living area. Works for me!



Less is more
by: Rena

LeAnne, this is absolutely beautiful! I love your efficient, uncluttered space. And if it’s always this neat and organized, I’m sure you have no trouble immediately finding the exact bead, tool, etc. you need!

A very inviting space. Thanks for showing such a lovely, well-planned example of creating a jewelry studio in a smaller area!

Great Shelving
by: Jamie of GlasstasticTreasures

Moving storage items to the wall is a great space saver when square footage is low in your crafting room. I have a whole wall of shelves and I love it.

by: LeAnne

Thanks for your comments, I’m glad to share my little space. Unfortunately, it’s not always this neat, and I have 3 cats that think it is their space as well, so it can get a little cramped. Still, it seems to be working for me.

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  • Karine says:

    Hi LeAnne,

    Thanks for sharing this, you are giving me a lot of ideas. My studio is also in my bedroom and I’ve been finding it hard to keep it organized, now I see that it’s possible.

    Thanks again

  • Margo says:

    This is such a great ides. Thank you for sharing. My workspace is my dining table -:)) and a one cabinet in the kitchen for storage. I have few boxes and each box have certain items, findings, beads, work in progress, tools etc. all is required is to take the boxes out and when done, back to the cabinet. Works well for such tiny space.

  • Rose Barden says:

    I have a craft studio, my dear husband set up for me. It’s one of our bedrooms, and to begin, he took the closet and made a work area for me, but it’s long spread out into the gallery. I am constantly organizing and transitions things to and from one area to another.

    I would like to just gut it, and start from scratch, lol! But I make it work for me, for now anyways, lol :-)!

    Keep up the good organization skill, it helps in the long run to find things.

  • Crissy Shaw says:

    Great work space LeAnne,
    I also live in a 1 bedroom unit, which I sleep in the lounge as the bedroom is too full as a storage room, my home is very small and organizing my work space is very difficult, especially having no room for a table or chairs. My work area is my couch and a board on my knee. My two cats park up beside me and quite often try to grab wires and chains, and many times i have had things scatter across the floor because i have been too slow to close the lid of my ‘tool boxes’ full of beads and jewels. it’s certainly never boring… One of these days I may try and organize something along the lines of your pic up there, I’ve been struggling for months trying to figure how to do it, and often thought about shelves, although, I’m very limited even to do this.
    Thank you for sharing, it definitely gives the mind another focus.

    Regards, C.

  • Crissy, it sounds like you’re really creative with making the most of the space you have – even if it’s currently confined to your lap and your couch. A lot of people put off their creative passions until they “have the right space for it”. I’m glad to hear you’re just creating anyway, while planning your ideal space in your head. I think that’s fantastic.

    Also, regarding kitties who like to play with jewelry supplies – have you seen this post here:
    Cat Calamity in My Studio ?
    In the comments below that post, there are lots of great ideas for keeping kitties loved and entertained – while also keeping them out of your jewelry stuff.

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