Sketch Design Makes it into The Lapidary Journal!

by Brandy Byard.
(United States)

In January I submitted a sketch design for the “Your Turn” Section of The Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist. Now, any dedicated jewelry artist/designer knows this is one of the most popular and most read magazine in North America!

Jessite Cab Sketch chosen for The Lapidary Journal.

Jessite Cab Sketch chosen for The Lapidary Journal.

The sketch is based off a cabachon from the Jessite Stone discovered and named by John Huesler, a well-known Missouri-based gemologist and was featured in the January issue. Fast forward to this month (Monday in fact) , after I return from my soldering class with the awesome and lovely Diana Casabar, I check the mail and receive the latest issue.

I look in the “Your Turn” Section and there it is! MY SKETCH! I was elated and had to share the news with everyone I knew. Did I mention John is one of my mentors? 🙂 Well, when he saw the post, he put a post of his own up on Facebook!

Pendant and bail annealed and textured patiently awaiting my beautiful Jessite Cab!

Pendant and bail annealed and textured patiently awaiting my beautiful Jessite Cab!

Here’s his blurb: “Brandy Michelle sketched a few beautiful designs from Lapidary Journal / Jewelry Artist magazine’s request to sketch my Jessite cabochon. She was chosen and published in the newest issue! Congrats Brandy! Hey…you are famous now! Now what??? I know! I am sending you the exact cabochon to build one of those sketched designs for yourself!”

Can you believe it? He’s sending me the exact cab to design my own piece with!

But WAIT!There’s More!

The managing editor, Karla Rosenbusch commented on his post and addressed me personally to say that she would like me to submit a photo along with a brief description and other pertinent info to do a feature on the piece and myself as the artist!

I still can’t wrap my head around it but I now it has happened and is happening! This is such an awesome opportunity for my career! A HUGE STEP!! I can’t wait to get it done, but I am going to make sure it’s absolutely perfect and is a quality piece of work for The Journal. I expect nor deserve anything less! I feel blessed and humbled at the same time and know something much bigger than me has a hand in this!

By the way, my metal smith mentor, Lexi Erickson was as proud and pleased as punch at such an amazing accomplishment! She’s pretty awesome too and I am very blessed to have such amazing mentors to guide me along this path! I can only hope to continue to do them both proud!

Brandy Byard
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