Simple Earring Hang Tags

by Tricia Dutton.

Earrings by Bead Booty

I put together these simple hang tags for my earrings using cardstock (in colors that compliment the colors in the earrings) stamped on front with my Etsy shop address,

I fold the cards in half so that I can use the inside of the card to write a message or list the price.

These are great for craft fairs, too. They are their own display!

Tricia Dutton
Bead Booty


earring cards
by: sue

What size cards did you use for these? I am wondering if business cards would work? Thanks.

Size of Cards
by: Tricia Dutton

Sue: I have seen business cards used for this purpose and they look great. I decided on the tented cards to address two issues: I needed a simple inexpensive way to display my earrings at craft shows, and I also wanted to add some visual interest when mailing earrings to people who purchase from my Etsy shop. These particular cards fit the bill.

The size depends on the earrings. I have some earrings that are more narrow and only require maybe a 2.5″ x 4.5″ card. And I also have larger earrings on larger cards.

Thanks for your interest, Sue!

Great Idea
by: Robin

I have been using card stock for my earrings also, but not with a fold in the cardstock. Having the cardstock folded is a great idea! Not only is it functional but also creates visual interest when displaying earrings on a flat surface.

Earring Hang Tags
by: Dawn Woodward

Hi, I think these are a great iea, especially from a display point of view. How did you make your little holes so neat? Do you have a punch for that? Thanks

Cardstock holes

I also use cardstock for my earrings cards with just an inch folded over at the top. I asked another local artist how she made her holes so neat (I had been using 1/8″ hole punch – still a little big) and she said she used her drill press. I now use my dremel tool with a small drill bit and laid out a thin wooden template (the thin end of a wooden shim, cut to the size of my cards) with pre-drilled holes. I then stack as many cards as I want behind the template, and drill through the template for a sizeable inventory of cards in just minutes!

Precise Holes for Earring Cards
by: Elsie

I think these cards are really pretty and practical. I especially like the subtle design printed on the front of the card which makes your earrings instantly recognisable as your creations.

Just a comment re: making holes in the card – I just use a large pin or needle and the holes are “clean” and tight enough that your earrings won’t fall out of the card even without something to block them in the back.

neat little tool
by: Sue

Michaels carries a neat little tool that is a paper hole punch. It is made similar to an awl only thinnner, like the size of a pencil. It is great for making tiny holes in paper. It is located with the paper/scrapbooking items. I actually use it to put holes in leather and sometimes paper. Thanks for all you great suggestions on making the earring cards.

tented cards
by: sue

A couple more questions…where do you purchase the tented cards and do you print them on your own computer?

Earring Cards
by: Tricia

Thanks for all your kind words everyone! And I love the suggestions for making the holes smaller. I’m going to definitely give them a try.

by: KL Jewelry Design

Tricia I love the idea of using the cardstock it’s a great cost saver but my question is how much space do you allow for your earrings? Right now I use simple gray purchased hangtags to display my earrings on a spining holder but I would love to use something less commercial looking and more handcrafted like my jewelry. I just curious how you keep the earring cards looking good after people have looked and them and knocked them all over and how much space you allow for earring displaying. Thanks for the fantastic idea.

Kris Penney

Earring Cards
by: Tricia

Hey Kris: As far as the size of the cards, I tailor them to meet each individual pair of earrings. I’ve measured what I have right now and their width varies from 2.5″ to 3.5″. That range is pretty comfortable for me.

Keeping them looking good after being handled can be challenging. But since I create them very inexpensively myself it’s not such a project to remake the ones that look a little worn.

By the way….I took a peek at your website…your pieces are beautiful. I adore gemstone jewelry! Your necklaces are especially striking. I love your bold use of color and size.

Gorgeous Ear Cards
by: Linda G.

These cards are great! So simple and elegant and handmade!

I have just started out and am experimenting with different packaging options. I will continue to practice and find the right options that work for me and appreciate the pics and tips!

Linda G.
LinnyGirl Designs

Earring Cards
by: Tricia D.

Thanks, Linda G.! I checked out your website…I really like your funky girl bracelets with the velvet beads. They’re so fun!

Here is a little tip…
by: Anonymous

I make my own earring cards, when I designed them, I added 2 dots(periods) and centered them so that I could use my reamer to punch the holes without the stress of making sure they are centered. This is a life saver!

Great Tip
by: Tricia D.

That’s a great tip, Anonymous. Thanks for sharing!

Weight of Cardstock?
by: Sara

Hi! I love all of these ideas…and I really want to make my own earring cards. However, I am not sure what weight of cardstock to order; this is not mentioned as far as I can see. Also, does anyone have a recommedation of a good place to purchase cardstock for this purpose? Thank you sooo much in advance!

Earring Hang Tags
by: Dita

I love your hang tags. I did one similar tent type but I like the way you put one line of your bio, which I did not. I think I have to buy a rubber stamp to do that. Also, I had dark back ground in many of my cards, thinking that it may be striking for some jewelry but then the print will not show.

Well every time I learn some thing from these forums. Your finishing is very clean . They are beautiful cards – professional yet with a special hand-made touch.

PS. You have nice jewelry in your shop.

by: Tricia

Dita…thank you so much for your lovely comments. Making these tags can be fun! Two suggestions I’d make…try to coordinate the color of your cardstock with a color in your earrings; and invest in a simple rubber stamp with your shop name and/or URL. I think I paid about $8 for my stamp and I use it ALL THE TIME!

card stock
by: Anonymous

Loved your jewelry…so unique! Also, loved the earring cards, folded with your stamp-very professional looking, but personal at the same time. Do you buy the card stock already cut? I think I may have seen some smaller card stock at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. I have used my business cards as my earring card and it worked well but I would rather use a card with my shop name at the bottom. Great tip! Debbie

Reply to Anonymous
by: Tricia

Thanks for your kindness, Anonymous! I cut my own cardstock….but if you find it precut I say go for it. I’m all for whatever gives us more time to create our jewelry.

by: Anonymous


cute earring cards
by: Anonymous

Hi…I found this idea and all your comments very helpful. I have been using scrapbooking paper for my earring cards. It is fairly innexpensive (especially if found on sale) and comes with tons if colors. I also use a scrapbooking corner puncher with a pretty design to make them nicer.
Getting ready to help my 9 year old to do our first craft show with children’s jewelry. (

Wish us luck! Paulina (

by: Tricia – Bead Booty

I love the idea of using the scrapbooking corner punch…it must add just the right touch to your cards. And both of your shops are full of great pieces. I especially love your earrings, Paulina. They’re so lovely! Good luck with the kids’ jewelry.

Fantastic Idea!
by: Bread N Butter Designs

Thank you so very much! I am constantly having trouble figuring out how to display my earrings! This is the perfect solution. I use card stock anyway, but it never crossed my mind to fold them in half. Brilliant!

Thank You!
by: Tricia

I’m so glad you like my idea, Bread n Butter…I too am constantly trying to come up with better ways to display my jewelry.

Thanks for the priceless display tips!
by: Brandi

I am just starting out (less than a year) and earring displaying has been one of my biggest display challenges from day one! I think your earring cards are finally the perfect answer for my problem. I never seem to have enough room to display all of my earrings at once in an orderly fashion, while at the same time allowing for product,pricing,and biz name info! Out with the flat biz card displays and in with the tent card idea!! Thank you so much.
By the way, in regards to the name stamp: There are a couple of online websites that offer free business cards and other products (and some even offer free shipping on the free items). One of my first “promotional” products I ordered with my website and phone number on it, was a self-inking rubber stamp at no cost with free shipping. Great little item to have and it fits in my pocket with no inky mess! ( I got mine at

Thanks again for the helpful ideas!

-Brandi Galaviz
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Earring Display Problem Solved
by: Tricia

I’m thrilled that my earring tag idea can help you. It’s so nice to be able to share ideas with fellow jewelrymakers. Please visit again and let me know how they work for you. I’m off to check out your website!

Great idea!!
by: jenny

Thank you for sharing your idea. I’m looking for ways to showcase my work at craft fairs and yours is so great. Thank you!

Jenny Trinh

Earring Hang Tags for Fairs
by: Tricia

I’m so glad you can use this idea, Jenny. I think you’ll like the way they dress your table up.

by: Patti

Beautiful idea, what I am wondering is how do you print your business name on the card?

I purchased card stock tonight at Michaels but I had a hard time finding anything thick that would seem to hold the weight of the earrings.

Sorry for so many questions, but I love your idea and would like to shamelessly copy it 🙂

Earring Hang Tags
by: Tricia

Hi Patti…in response to your question about how I printed my business name on the cards, I had a rubber stamp made with my Etsy shop address on it. It was fairly inexpensive, about $8.00 I believe. If you Google “custom rubber stamps” you’ll easily find a company that can make one that fits your needs.

As far as the weight of the cardstock, that will depend on the weight of your earrings. My earrings are generally very lightweight so using standard cardstock works well for me. If your earrings tend to be a bit heavier you may want to consider reinforcing the paper with small squares of cardboard to give them more strength.

Good luck with your hang tags!

by: Patti

Hi Rena,

thank you so much for the info, I really appreciate your help.

It dawned on me this morning to search for rubber stamps and I am actually getting some from ETSY as I write this response.

Again, thank you, your help is awesome. Love this blog.


Very Nice!
by: LeAnne

These earring cards are very professional looking and attractive, I too will “shamelessly copy” your idea! 🙂


Earring Tags
by: Tricia

Thanks LeAnne! You go on and copy away girl!

by: Anonymous

What do you use to punch holes also any idea for using lever back earrings

Punching Holes
by: Tricia – Bead Booty

I use a regular hand held hole punch to make the holes. And for lever back earrings you may want to make 2 holes, one above the other, so that you can slide the lever into the bottom hole & the hook part through the top hole. That way they can close securely onto the cardstock. Good luck!

by: Anonymous

I’m wondering how you punch the holes when you are using lever backs???

Rubber stamp
by: Anonymous

Does anyone tell me what size rubber stamp you ordered for the earring card, and maybe the website.
Thanks, Yvette

Another method
by: Sue

I’ve never found this method to work well for my earrings. The tents just don’t stay up! But I discovered a tri-fold method that works very well and stands up under almost any weight earrings! Just take a strip of cardstock about 7-1/2 inches in length, make one folding crease about an inch and a half from the bottom and another about 2 inches from the top, fold the bottom one flat under, and the top one down and back, and voila! A self-standing display! Another nice thing about this kind of display is it can be easily folded over the earrings and taped with a sticker to make a little package when sold!

by: Rena

Thanks for sharing your great variation, Sue! I especially like your idea for folding the card around the earrings to turn it into its own little package. Genius! 🙂

Hang tags
by: jer

Thanks to all who have posted. I am just starting out selling my wears, and since I read all your great suggestions, have changed my hang tag idea for the better. Thanks for sharing and I love everyones web sites. I hope to have mine up and going soon.

Re: Rubber Stamps
by: Brandi

I use for my rubber stamp (personal pocket size) as well as all of my biz card, sign & promotional materials. Its amazing what you can get for free or extremely low pricing from this site!

Great Idea!
by: Ann

I really like this idea! Serves many purposes. You can use the inside to describe materials used to make the piece!

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