Silverware Box Display for Sterling Spoon Jewelry

by Jean Menden.
(Boyd, MN USA)

Silverware Display Box for Spoon Jewelry

I love, love, love, to make jewelry out of antique sterling silverware. It is so gorgeous! I am a silversmith and the flatware jewelry is a nice addition to my traditional designs.

I saw the idea on this site for the display box using the silverware storage box and I put it together in my mind as a unique way to display my spoon jewelry at art shows.

I am including a picture of my box which is “loaded” with my designs.

There was a little learning curve as far as designing the inside of the box, however. I didn’t figure on the top being so heavy.

The box is lined with gray felt, and some wood 1×2’s which I covered with matching felt.

I used little hooks to hang the chains from the lid and little nails to hang the chain to take a little of the length away so the pendant laid nicely.

Then I cut some gray ring foam and set it in the bottom for my spoon rings.

The left over area is a good place to show the spoon bracelets and bigger pendants.

I sure would like some feedback on my idea.

Jean Menden
BeAD HABIT Silversmithing


Perfect Display for Spoon Jewelry!
by: Rena

Jean, what a perfectly appropriate display case for your lovely silverware creations.

The way you’ve arranged your pieces inside it looks so professional.

I’m sure your customers love it when they figure out that your beautifully repurposed silverware creations are in a beautifully repurposed silverware chest.

Thank you so much for sharing your display, your photo, and your jewelry here, Jean!

Also, many thanks again to Nancy V., who shared her original Silverware Chest Jewelry Display on this site!

Love it!
by: Debbie

Hi Jean,
I love this idea! I have been trying to figure out a good way to display some of my pendants on simple sterling silver chains and I think this would work great! And your pieces are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

by: Jean

Thanks Debbie and Rena for the nice comments on my box. It has a slight design flaw- the top is too heavy and it needs some kind of a propping up mechanism. I also plan to continue watching for a larges chest that has the bottom drawer. I think it would add some storage space to line pendants in the bottom tray and have it open a few inches.

Isn’t it amazing…..
by: Nancy V.

Isn’t it amazing how one person’s idea can spark the creativity in another? There is unlimited potential for the silver chest as each artist adds their own unique touch. What could be more appropriate than spoon jewelry displayed in a silver chest?

Great Idea!
by: Paula Hisel

I love your display as well as your jewelry. I had never heard of making jewelry from silverware until I got married. I looked at your website too and I love your work. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

by: Jean

Thanks for the compliment on my work and my box.
Here is a dilemma though-
Since I have used the box to display my sterling flatware jewelry I have sold fewer of the spoon handle pendants. It seems that hanging them in the box is discouraging people from picking the pendants up and examining them.
But the rings that I display in there are commanding much more attention!
Any ideas on that?
In the art show business I believe people have to want to touch the jewelry. If they can’t touch it they won’t buy it. When the pendants hang in the box they are less touchable.
Any comments on that concept?

Customers hesitant to “mess up your display”
by: Rena

Hi Jean,

I’ve experienced something similar, where people perceive that removing jewelry from some kinds of displays doesn’t feel like the right thing for them to do.

However, if they can easily pick up a piece, such as your bracelets and rings resting on the bottom half of the silverware chest, they don’t hesitate.

What if you try putting a nice little sign just below your pendants, inviting people to pick up the pendants and have a closer look? (Depending on your style, the message might be from the pendants themselves – “Please pick us up for a closer look!” or whatever.)

That might help you determine whether it’s an issue of people feeling that they need “permission” to remove the pendants from your display – or if it’s something else stopping them (such as not being sure how to get them out of the display, not wanting to mess up your tags, etc.).

What do you think?

by: Jean

Thanks Rena. I think that is a super idea and I will try it the weekend of The Meander. If you don’t know what The Meander is…..check this website!
I try to establish the idea of the vintage flatware having a past life and being very important in someone else’s life. Having a sign from “them” would be a good plan!

Love it!
by: Carol B

I love it! Very understated yet elegant…:-)

You kick butt!
by: Michelle

I love that it shows the jewelry well and goes w/ the theme and looks like an easy, safe way to transport your work too. SWEET! Oddly enough I was in the middle of trying to make an old wood tackle box to transport jewelry in b/c I do antique lure necklace etc. Lining things with cloth and making little trays has a learning curve for sure. I wish I had thought to design mine to use as display also!!

Love spoon rings!
by: Cheri

I love it! Can you post a picture of your rings and necklaces too – they look great but I would love to see them up close as I am big fan of spoon jewelry.

Thanks Cheri
by: jean

I now am using another larger chest, this one fits a jewelry tray and also has a drawer. I put a ring pad in the drawer.

by: Lireva

I have been looking for a jewelry box, this was a very creative idea…

new one
by: Jean

Since I posted this picture a year ago, I have come up with a new box. At an antique store for a couple bucks I bought a silverware box with a drawer. This box is bigger also and just the right size for a jewelry tray. I can put the tray in the box, hang spoon handle pendants from the knife rack AND have the entire drawer for the rings.

I still have a small issue though- some people are hesitant to touch the jewelry in the box. I put a welcome to touch sign in it though.


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