Silver and Onyx Heart Earrings

by zoraida.
(Smyrna, New York)

Amethyst heart and sterling silver wire earrings by Zoraida - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

I usually do not like to duplicate a design but sometimes it’s profitable to do so.

Often a potential customer likes a design but wants a different stone as in this case.

The original pair of earrings featured an amethyst heart in the center and she requested black onyx.

I didn’t have any black onyx hearts at the time but told her I would find some.

Wire and onyx heart earrings by Zoraida - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

So here they are. I like the onyx version even more than the original.

Now I have a strand of these onyx beads to play with and a very happy customer wanting more of my jewelry.

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