Show and Tell Jewelry Display for a Craft Show

by Mary Oberg.
(Kewanee, Illinois, USA)

I would like to thank Rena and all the wonderful comments I have reaped from this site. I wanted to share my most recent jewelry display that I did for a craft show .

Even though it was a Christmas Bazaar, people were still looking for Fall colors. I recently read on line, that if you wore pink more people would come to your booth. I didn’t have any pink to wear but used to use a rose pink material over the hunter green table cloth. I felt it helped with the jewelry display.

I learned to make flower arrangements so I sold my flower arrangements and jewelry. To display my flower arrangements I used a #10 can and a 2 cookie tins and painted two of them a hunter green to match the table cloth. This gave a nice stair step effect along side my end of the table which also helped me keep it separated from the next booth. I hung my earrings on cards and placed them in plastic bags and bought hooks at IKEA and hung them on a thin branch Christmas Tree. I have had a lot of compliments on the decorated tree.

At the top of my tree I placed a little sign that said, “Decorate yourself for Christmas”. I actually found a battery operated string of lights at hobby lobby. The one thing that I did different this year is I had this pottery mirror that usually hangs up on the wall and I set this on top of a commercial toilet paper roll that I wrapped with tin foil as I didn’t have time to spray paint towards the end. But with this mirror it raised it off the table enough that it really got a lot of attention.

I had placed my bracelets and matching earrings on this plate and sold about 2 sets from this area. I tried to be more observant as to what people liked or did not like. I had one women really excited to see that I carried clip on earrings. She said not many do. Because I will be displaying my items in someone’s store after this event. I decided to put this on my earrings cards. This supports the store and me.

I just said something like my designs can be seen at the such & such shop. This way patrons will know where to find me afterwards. Another thing that helped me with my designing the table was to take a picture of the set up. I noticed all the imperfections that needed addressed before the show. Kind of like seeing thru some one else eyes instead of my own. I am enclosing a picture that I took of the set up at the show.

Mary Oberg
Prairie Pine Peddler

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