Should I Consider Having Small Business Liability Insurance?

by Coral.
(Isle of Arran, Scotland)


I’ve been making and selling my jewellery for a few years now, mostly at craft markets.

I sell my one off original designs using some base metal components, and also sterling silver, with a mixture of glass and semi-precious stones – not normally all in the one piece I have to add!

I’m about to set up a website and I’m wondering if I should have insurance to cover against any claims that could be made by a customer saying that my jewellery has caused them a problem.

I’ve not had anything like this happen so far I have to say, and I do explain and label items very clearly giving the content of any metal charms, or the wire I’ve used etc., but as I won’t be selling direct to the purchaser as I do at markets, I wondered if this is something I should consider having.

I live in the UK, so what is, and what isn’t, allowed to be used here may be different from elsewhere in the world, but I am a little concerned that someone somewhere may have a problem (a skin rash for instance) with something that I make, and try to claim against me.

I have skin allergies myself so I am very careful with what I use, but even so, I don’t want to put myself in the position of having financial difficulties due to something like this.

What do other jewellery makers do about this? Is it something I should be concerned with, or am I just worrying for no good reason?

Thank you,

E Coral Smith
Seaspray Designs

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