Ship Ahoy!

by Diane Schamp.
(Great Lakes Region)

Many of the coins I have been gathering for my collection have ships on them.

DSchamp- Ship Ahoy! 1

I didn’t realize how many coins portray an image of a ship until recently during my last visit to a coin show. I purchased a few Portuguese coins went home and realized I have other ship coins as well from other countries.

DSchamp- Ship Ahoy! 3 DSchamp- Ship Ahoy! 2

Depending on the country, ship images on coins can represent trade, exploration, a mode of transportation, or conquest.

I think they make beautiful jewelry pieces for those who have traveled abroad or who just love the ocean and ships.

DSchamp- Ship Ahoy! 4

So far I have several beautiful ship coin pendants added to my shop and plan on continuing my search for more of these type of coins.

Diane Schamp
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